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Primate Gallery

These are photos of some of the endangered primates that have been the subjects of projects supported in part by PCI. All photos copyrighted by Noel Rowe and may not be used without prior permission.

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Tonosi Azuero Peninsula, Panama
GORILLA.JPG (45927 bytes)
Western Lowland Gorilla
B-W-RUFF.JPG (57181 bytes)
Black and White Ruffed Lemur
GIBBON.JPG (27866 bytes)
Agile Gibbon (male)
PYGMYLOR.JPG (38469 bytes)
Pygmy Loris
Southeast Asia
PIGTAIL.JPG (45198 bytes)
Pig Tailed Langur
Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
REDSHANK.JPG (40380 bytes)
Red Shanked Douc Langur
(female with infant)
Southeast Asia
SCLATERS.JPG (54345 bytes)
Sclater's Guenon
Southern Nigeria
TEMALE.JPG (28361 bytes)
Black Lemur (female)
WHITECHE.JPG (54135 bytes)
White Cheeked Gibbon
Callicebu oenanthe Peru.jpg (228991 bytes)
The Andrean titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) is found only in the Rio Mayo
valley of Peru near the town of Moyobamba.
Callicebus brunneus near cobija.jpg (290313 bytes)
This brown titi monkey (Callicebus bunneus) was photographed near the city
of Cobija in Northern Bolivia.
Callicebus lucifer Zabalo.jpg (166236 bytes)
This pair of titi monkeys (Callicebus lucifer) was photographed near the
village of Zaballo in north eastern Ecuador north of the Rio Aguarico.

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