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All Grants Awarded

Grants Spring  2017

Angela Achorn Texas A&M University 2800 The effects of ecotourism on intestinal parasite infections in Macaca nigra

Jihosuo Biswas Primate Research Centre NE India 3100 and distribution of newly discovered White cheeked macaque in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, India

Ryan Burke Merton College 3100 Determining the conservation status of gelada monkeys: Distribution, abundance & phylogenetic relationships of Theropithecus gelada across the Ethiopian Highlands

Raimi Chabi Ota Conservation Association of Benin Fauna and Flora 4050 Saving the Last Remaining White-Thighed Colobus in Kikélé Sacred Forest and Adjacent Community Forests in the Republic of Benin

Chloe Chen-Kraus Yale University 1450 Assessing anthropogenic impacts on endangered Verreaux’s sifaka and prospects for human-lemur coexistence in southwestern Madagascar

Dr Jinie Dela 5000 Promotion of innovative means for community participation to conserve the critically endangered western purple-face langur and its small forest habitats.

Peter Fashing California State Fullerton 4500 Guassa Gelada Research Project: Ten years and beyond

Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva Cardiff University 2050 Protecting primates from deforestation and bushmeat hunting in Guinea-Bissa

Manuel Leonardo Fonseca Aldana Universidad de los Andes 2100 diet in highland woolly monkeys: Identification using genetic barcodes

Sharon Gursky Texas A&Muniversity 3200 Function of Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Spectral Tarsiers

Elizabeth Hall Purdue University 2480 Patterns of human-primate interaction in a protected Central African forest reserve

Dereje Yazezew Mammo DebreBerhan University 2900 The consequences of habitat loss and fragmentation on the distribution and behavorial ecology of grivet monkey in and around Wof-Washa Natural state foret. A Study of human-grivet monkey conflict

Ruth Metzel University of Panama, Las Tablas 5000 Expanding Local University Student Capacity to Survey Azuero Spider Monkey Populations

Monica Mogilewsky Portland State University 3200 Tree Fall Canopy Gaps: Catastrophe or Windfall for Red Ruffed Lemurs, Varecia rubra, and White Fronted Brown Lemurs, Eulemur albifrons, in Masoala National Park, Madagascar

Christina Lynette Paddock Cardiff University 2700 Population Genomics and the Viability of the Endangered Sanje Mangabeys in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

Malcolm S Ramsay University of Toronto 2600 Landscape Genetics of Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus spp.) in Fragmented Habitat

Brandon Semel Virginia Tech 2700 Effective Lemur Conservation in the Face of Global Change

Myron Shekelle Washington University and Manado State University 2000 Action Fund Grant Two New Species of Tarsiers from Central Sulawesi (Indonesia) with High Potential to Conserve Critical

Montserrat Franquesa Soler Instituto de Ecología, A.C (INECOL) 2350 Empowering schools for the Black Howler monkey (Alouatta pigra) conservation

Ating Solihin 3900 Saving Macaques and Tarsiers of Malenge Island, Togeans, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Maribel Taco Yunkawasi 2490 To be or not to be: On the Identity of the Urubamba Brown Titi Monkey Plecturocebus urubambensis

Nguyen Ai Tam 3750 Study on status, distribution and biology of lorises (Nycticebus bengalensis and N. pygmaeus) in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Vietnam.

Jadelys Tonos 2200 : Effect of frugivore movement patterns on seed dispersal, plant community structure and biodiversity maintenance in Eastern Madagascar

Tadeas Toulec Czech University of Life Sciences Prague 3950 Rounding out 10 years of proboscis monkey population in Balikpapan Bay, 2007-2017

Rachel Voyt University of Texas at Austin 2850 Effects of anthropogenic stressors on glucocorticoids in Verreaux’s sifaka: Implications for conservation tourism


Grants Fall  2017

Kunal Arekar Indian Institute of Science 2300 "Species delimitation of Himalayan langur using integrative taxonomy and its  conservation implications"

Varsha Bhaskar TERI UNIVERSITY 2600 Ecology and social behavior of Slender Loris in a megacity with citizen science

Behailu Etana Disasa Jimma University 3800 The implication of shade coffee farming for the conservation of primates in southwestern tropical rain forest of Ethiopia

Denis Etiendem 3700 Field Surveys to Assess the Population of Cameroon Preuss’s Monkey (Allochrocebus preussi preussi) in Cameroon

Hussein Ibrahim Addis Ababa University 1800 Population size, structure and distribution of Hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas) in and around the Borena-Sayint National Park, northern Ethiopia

Sarah J McGrath The Australian National University 2875 The impacts of logging and hunting pressure on the northern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon (Nomascus annamensis) in Veun Sai-Siem Pang National Park, Cambodia

Carolyn Robinson Robinson Orume Diotoh, and Christos Astaras University of North Carolina, James Madison University 3650 In Search of the Critically Endangered Preuss’s Red Colobus (Piliocolobus preussi) monkey in Western Cameroon

Dr Emma Stone Lilongwe Wildlife Trust 4000 Searching for Samangos: An assessment of Cercopithecus mitis subspecies and population distribution in Malawi.

Fakhri Naufal Syahrullah Bogor Agricultural University 4300 Archipelagic wide conservation status and outreach for the Peleng Tarsier


Grants Spring  2016

Ekwoge Abwe         Drexel University, Philadelphia         2700         Improving conservation planning by linking behavioral diversity with genetic and ecological variation in the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan trogoldytes ellioti)

Ika Agustin           Wildeye Sumatra             2505             Determining conservation status of Sumatran surili (Presbytis melalophos) in Danau Gunung Tujuh Resort, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Indonesia

Daniel Alempijevic         Florida Atlantic University Biological Sciences Building         4001         A population assessment of the critically endangered Dryad monkey (Cercopithecus dryas) in the Balanga Community Forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Chemonges Amusa         Makerere University Kampala Uganda         2400         Potential exposure of pesticides to primates through vegetation and contamination in Bwindi impenetrable national Park

Kirrily Apthorp         The Australian National University         3105         An ecological assessment of the limestone karst habitats of the Cao vit gibbon (Nomascus nasutus), the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) and the Cat Ba langur (Trachypithecus poliocephalus) – implications for their ongoing conservation.

Zewdu Kifle Aweke         Addis Ababa University         3600         Population estimation and social behavior of Southern geladas (Theropithecus gelada obscurus) living in around the Borena Sayint National Park

Lynn Baker         American University of Nigeria         3001         Status of Two Sacred Populations of Sclater’s Monkey (Cercopithecus sclateri) and their Forest Habitat in Southern Nigeria

Renato Richard Hilario         Federal University of Amapá         2002         Taxonomy and conservation of Alouatta belzebul: a molecular approach

Alexandra Nicole Hofner         Oxford Brookes University         3500         Preuss’s red colobus Procolobus pennantii preussi density in northern Korup National Park, Cameroon: A multi-faceted approach to understanding arboreal primate abundance and local perceptions and livelihoods in a protected area.

Amely B. Martins         University of Texas at Austin         2300         Species boundaries, phylogeography, and conservation genetics of the endangered blond capuchin monkey.

Alexandra Miller         University of Australia         3200         Understanding the Social Structure and Ecological Basis for the Formation of Supergroups in Ruwenzori Colobus Monkeys

Leila Porter         Northern Illinois University         1400         Survey of Callimico and Cebuella on the Blanco River in eastern Peru

Itai Roffman         Jane Goodall and Mali National Zoo         2500         Ensuring Survival of the Endangered Mali Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus): Development of Sustainable Strategies for their Co-existence with Humans.

Timothy Sefczek         Ohio State University         2900         Examining the morphological and behavioral paradox of aye-ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis) in Torotorofotsy, Madagascar.

Sam Shanee         Neotropical Primate Conservation, UK         5000         Patrol/Enforcement at the project sites of Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) in Peru. TP supplemental PCI Grant

Travis Steffens         University of Toronto         5000         Preserving fragile ecosystems through a community-based fire management program in NW Madagascar TP supplemental PCI Grant.

Jody Suzanne Weir         Zaza project         3400         Feeding Ontogeny and the Development of Infant Indri and Diademed Sifaka: A Project to Protect the Two Largest Species of Lemurgo to sleep

Grants Fall 2015

 Meseret Chane Alemu           Addis Ababa University, College of Natural Sciences, Department of Zoological Sciences          2600                Ecological niche partitioning between DeBrazza’s monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) and Boutourlini’s bluemonkey (Cercopithecus mitis boutourlinii)in Hamuma Forest, Southwestern Ethiopia

 Caroline Rusk Amoroso         Duke University          2300                Resubmit- What factors influence waterhole preferences in red-fronted lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons)?

Elena Bersacola           Oxford Brookes University, Oxford  1                      Seeking people-primate coexistence: primate community response to anthropogenic activities and land transformation in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

 Thomas M Butynski   Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program            1900                Survey of the patas monkey and other primates in Laikipia County, central Kenya

 Andrea DiGiorgio      Boston University       1800                Nutritional Drivers in Orangutan Food Choice and Foraging: Protecting important fallback foods and foraging routes

 Wendy Erb     Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 2075                "The integration of research and environmental education to promote the                                                        conservation of Bornean organutans in a tropical peatland forest"

 Caitlin Eschmann       University of Bristol   1950                resubmit - Hybridization of the critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur (Eulemur flavifrons) and vulnerable black lemur (E. macaco): investigating mate selection and the effects of secondary contact.

 RM. Goodwin            Fordham University    3505                Survey of the critically endangered white-thighed colobus (Colobus vellerosus) in Benin and Nigeria

 Andry Herman Rafalinirina   CVB space Ranomafana         4000                Nutritional status, feeding practice and incidence of infectious disease in the family of Cheirogaleus at Ranomafana National Park, Southeast Madagascar

India Schneider-Crease           Duke   2900                A Cleanup for Survival: Effects of Tourist Waste Management on Gelada Monkey Health in the Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Dr Kimberly Williams-Guillen                        2495                Establishing a new protected area for the endangered Black-handed Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) in Nicaragua’s tropical dry forest2015


Grants Spring 2015

Rolando Marino Aquino Yarihuamán            ICBAR_Iquitos          3375                Distribution and current status of Lagothrix flavicauda and other primates in montane forests of the Región Huánuco, Peru: Phase II

 Jihosuo Biswas           Primate Research Centre         3550                Influence of fragmentation and human settlements on the gastrointestinal parasitic prevalence in Golden langur, Assam, India.

Simplicious Gessa       Uganda Wildlife Authority    3650                Communication for Conservation: Effects of message framing on tourist adherence to rules during ape ecotourism

 Dan Hending             University of Bristol   1035                Behavioural Ecology of the Sambirano mouse lemur, Microcebus sambiranensis, in the Anabohazo Forest, Sahamalaza Peninsula, Madagascar and its implications for conservation action.

 Eckhard W. Heyman             German Primate Ctr and Yunkawasi  1500                Primatología en el Perú

Isabella Mandl            ristol Zoo Gardens      3800                Nightly Encounters: The social, spatial and vocal ecology of the Critically Endangered Sahamalaza sportive lemur, Lepilemur sahamalazensis, in north-west Madagascar

Malcolm Ramsay Shawn M. Lehman University of Toronto 3945                Assessing the Effects of Roads on the Dispersal Ability of Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus spp.)

 Hussein Ibrahim Seid                         3900                Behavioural ecology of Hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas) in the Borena-Sayint National Park, Northern Ethiopia

" Sam Shanee Andres Link, Paola Moscoso" Neotropical Primate Conservation, UK          3675                Revised Lost in the night: distribution, status and conservation of the Panamanian owl monkey (Aotus zonalis) in Colombia and Ecuador.

 Myron Shekelle                      2500                Student training in tarsier field biology for Peleng Island Survey and Tangkoko Stewardship 

H.S. Sushma   Salim  Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History            2010                Determinants of spatial foraging patterns of the endangered lion-tailed macaque

Dr John “Andy” Phillips  and Dr Chia Tan San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, Escondido, CA  San Diego Zoo       3001                "An Animal Biology and Conservation Program for Vietnamese Schoolchildren for the Long-term Protection of Red-shanked Doucs (Pygathrix nemaeus)

Dr  Jody Suzanne Weir                       4001                Feeding Ontogeny and the Development of Infant Indri and Diademed Sifaka: A Project to Protect the Two Largest Species of Lemur


Grants Fall 2014

Zewdu    Kifle Aweke           Addis Ababa University,College of Natural Sciences,Dept.of Zoological.   3500                Behavioral Ecology and Human-Wildlife Conflict of the Southern Gelda in and around Borena Sayint National Park,South Wollo,Ethiopia.

 Valerie C Clark          I Frog  3800                Critically endangered nocturnal lemurs Lepilemur cf. dorsalis and Microcebus mamiratra—population assessment in Lokobe National Park border forests, Nosy Be, NW Madagascar

 Lieven Devreese                    3100                Preliminary survey of the current distribution and conservation staus of the poorly known and critically endangered Piliocolobus bouvieri in the Republic of Congo

 Naven Hon     Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand      3500                Food selection by the Northern yellow-cheeked created gibbon in Northern Cambodia

 Dereje Yazezew Mammo       Addis Ababa University         3450                Population estimate, habitat use, feeding ecology, activity budget, and ranging patterns of the Omo River Guereza from Wof- Washa Natural Forest, central highland Ethiopia

 Phaivanh Phiapalath               2700                Gibbon survey in Northwestern Vientiane Province in Lao  PDR

 Felaniaina Rafenoarisoa         University of Antananarivo    3300                Seasonality variation of diet and day-time feeding ecology of the white collared brown lemur, in the vohipaho forest

Travis Steffens            University of Toronto 3100                Planet Madagascar: Conserving Endangered Lemur Species through Community Education and Management.

  Thach Mai Hoang     VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities 3850                Action Fund Grant Conservation of the Francois’ Langur (Trachypithecus francoisi) at Lam Binh Species and Habitat Protected Area, Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam.

 Valeria Torti   University of Turin     515                  Understanding indri vocal plasticity: implications for wild populations monitoring and conservation programs design.

  Tuan Nguyen Thanh             Vu Noc Thanh            2050                Survey of Grey-Shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix cinerea) fauna in Mang Buk commune, Kon Plong District, Kon Tum province, Central Highland of Vietnam

 Guy Williams             The Australian National University    3100                Development of Habitat Quality Assessment model to understand ecological preferences of the Critically Endangered Cat Ba langur Vietnam

 Stephanie Yoong        Crawley          2100                Socioecological correlates of supergroups in Angolan colobus monkeyswholeName   Academic or commercial association  Dollar amount of award          Year    Funding Period            Proposal Title


Grants Spring 2014

Alemneh Amare          Wolkite University      3100                Revised Distribution and conservation status of Patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) in Northwestern lowlands of Ethiopia.

 Rolando Marino Aquino Aquino Yarihuaman          Facultad de Ciencias Biologicas/ Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos            4500                Distribution and current status of Lagothrix flaxicauda and other primates in pre montane and maontane forests of the Region Huanuco, Per

 Michela Balestri         Oxford Brookes University    3200                Resubmited S2015 Niche overlap between the endangered southern woolly lemur and the Critically Endangered sportive lemur in the lowland rainforest of Tsitongambarika, So. -Eastern Madagascar.

Ryan Burke     University of Oxford  1400                Are Gelada monkeys keystone species? A broad-scale analysis of the population status of Ethiopia’s herbivorous primate and consequences for ecosystem processes

 Gustavo Rodrigues Canale    Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso           2995                Resived Assessment of the conservation status of the recently discovered Vieria's titi monkey (Callicebus vieirai 2012

Robin Fiore     University of Colorado Boulder         1700                Census of the Population of Trachypithecus germaini in Phu Quoc National Park, Vietnam

 Katelynn Joy Frei       Antioch University of New England  3601                Revised The use of Remote Infared Cameras to Assess the Diversity, Density, and Distribution of Nocturnal Primates in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, Africa

 Sharon Gursky-Doyen           Texas A&M University           3300                Effect of Typhoon Haiyan on the Tarsier Population in the Philippines

 Thach Mai Hoang      Hanoi University of Social Science and Humanities  5000                Status and conservation of the Tonkin snub -nosed monkey (Rhinopethecus avunculus) at Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam

 Gboja Mariano Houngbedji   Fordham University    4100                Diurnal Primate Surveys in the Lama Forest and along Benin-Nigeria Border

 Mochamad Indrawan             University of Indonesia, Center for Biodiversity Strategies  2800                Conservation outreach for Peleng Tarsier and other flagship speicies in Banggai Islands: towards establishment of locally protected areas

 Abu Dale Kelil           Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Zoological Sciences            3900                Population Status, Ecology and Behaviour of Gelada Baboon in Kerbiny, Eastern Arsi, Ethiopia

 Stanislaus M. Kivai    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 1800                How do food nutritional properties vary with habitat fragmentaions? Conservation implications on endangered Tana River mangabey, Cercocebus galeritus in Kenya

 Thia Le Hong             Industrial Univ. of Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam       3200                The study in the ecology of the Indochinese silvered langur (Trachpithecus germaini) in the limestone area of Hon Chong - Kien Luong District in Kien Giang Province, Viet Nam

Vilma Karenina Morales Hernandez   University Georg-August of Goettingen, Germany   1900                Conservation Project of the highly endangered Spider monkeys of El Salvador

 Samuel Mtoka            Sokoine University of Agriculture / Kingupira Wildlife Research Centre     3800                The Udzungwa Red Colobus (Procolobus badius gordonorum) adaptability to major habitat destruction in Kalunga Forest Reserve, Morogoro, Tanzania

 Ana Priscila Peralta Aguilar   Neotropical Primate Conservation      2600                The effect of fragmentation and proximity of domestic animals on the health of wild primate populations: Gastrointestinal parasites in two endemic species of Peruvian primate; the yellow tailed woolly monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda) and the Andean night monkey (Aotus miconax)

 Brandon Semel          Northern Illinois University    1500                A Multi-Species Approach to Elucidating the Ecological Function of Primate Geophagy.

 Chia Tan         San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research_            1750                Training in Primatology Series III: Developing Effective Education and Outreach Skills in Habitat-Country Primatologists in Asia

Ibrahim Antho Jacky Youssouf          Faculte des Sciences Universite de Toliara     3600                The ecology of a threatened animal community facing varying ecological and anthropogenic conditions in the new Tsinjoriake protected area, and endangered coastal habitat in Southwestern Madagascar

Grants Fall 2013

Dominique Bertrand SUNY Buffalo           $2,300.00           The Stress Factor: Anthropogenic Sources of Stress for Wild M. nigra In an Eco-Tourist Location.

Camille Coudrat Suranaree University of Technology           $3,100.00           Preliminary Data on the Density, Distribution and Behavioral Ecology of the Southern White Cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus siki) in Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, central-eastern Laos

Andrea Dempsey Oxford Brookes University           $2,700.00           Survey of Endangered Primates in a Community Owned Forest in Western Ghana and Long-Term Implementation of SMART Ecological Monitoring System

Osiris A. Doumbe & Simon Tapper University of Roehampton - F.A.P.N.G.O.           $2,500.00           Estimation of the Population of Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) in the Gubah Upland Forest, Cameroun

Amera Moges Gebeyehu Addis Ababa University, College of Natural Sciences           $3,800.00           The Distribution Pattern, Population Size, Habitat Prefernces, Feeding Ecology, and Activity and Ranging Patterns of Arsi Gelada Monkeys (Theropithecus gelada unamed subspeies) in Gado Goro and Surrounding Areas, Ethiopia

Kaberi Kar Gupta           $3,200.00           Slendor Lorises of Urban Bangalore

Sheia Holmes University of Calgary 2           $2,900.00           Sharing a Shrinking Habitat: a Multiscale Investigation of Sympatry in 3 Lemurs

Brent Loken Integrated Conservation           $3,300.00           Assessing Primate Abundance and Orangutan Ecology in Remote Montane of Wehea Forest in Borneo

Grainne Michelle McCabe Calgary University           $2,800.00           Continued Demography and Life History Monitoring of Sanje Mangabeys (Cercocebus sanje) in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Karenina Morales University Georg-August of Goettingen, Germany           $2,500.00           Conservation Project of the highly endangered Spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) of El Salvador

Grants Spring 2013

Jinie Dela Probe for Nature           $2,600.00           Study Of Ecology And Behavior Of Forest Living Western Purple-Faced Langur

Silvy van Kuijk Oxford Brookes University           $2,400.00           Conservation efforts for the San Martin Titi monkey in Ojos de Agua, Peru.

Josephine Lewis Oxford Brookes University           $2,200.00           Genetic Variability In Populations Of The Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur In An Isolated Forest Fragments On The Peninsula, NW Madagascar

Steven McPhee Florida Atlantic University           $3,100.00           Camera Trap Study of Cercopithecus lomamiensis

Deborah Moore Bonobo Conservation Initiastive           $2,800.00           Investigation of Habituated bonobo (Pan paniscus) communities at Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve, DRC

Naw May Lay Thant Nature and Wildlife Conservation Divison, Ministry of Environmental Conservation           $3,050.00           Status and Distribution of Phayre's Leaf Monkey (T. phayrei) in Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, Myanmar

Marilyn Norconk Kent State University           $3,200.00           Primate Field Ecology and Conservation Training in Suriname

Le Khac Quyet University if Colorodo Boulder           $2,500.00           Searching for Tonkinsnub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus avunculus in Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve, Bac Giang Province, Northeastern Vietnam

Isidoro Riondato University of Turin           $2,750.00           Eavesdropping For Good: Decoding Acoustic Communication In The Guizhou Snub-Nosed Langur And Its Implication For Conservation.

Myron Shekelle Portland State Univ.           $2,850.00           Investigating The Effects Of Volcanoes On The Threat Status Of Small Endimics.

Denise Spaan Oxford Brookes University           $2,100.00           Behavior and conservation of the Critically Endangered Brown-headed Spider Monkey in North Western Ecuador

Jody Weir University of Victoria           $3,900.00           The Importance of Feeding Ontogeny in the Development of Infant Indri and Diademed Sifaka: A Project to Protect the Two Largest Species of Lemur

Lina Maria Valencia University of Texas Austin           $2,300.00           Effects of Fragmentation on the Dispersal of Silvery Brown Tamarins

Grants Fall 2012

Alemneh Amare Wolkite University           $3,100.00           Population Ecology and Conservation Status of the Endemic and Vulnerable Boutourlini’s Blue Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis boutourlinii) in Yayu Biosphere Reserve, southwestern Ethiopia

Anagaw Atickem University of Oslo           $3,340.00           Molecular Phylogenetics of Vevet, Grivet and Bale monkey in Ethiopia. 

Thach Mai Hoang Hanoi University of Social Science and Humanities           $3,000.00           Status and conservation of the Tonkin snub -nosed monkey (Rhinopethecus avunculus) at Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam

Amanda Hoepfner University of Utah           $2,450.00          Can the male orangutan’s long call be an indicator of forest quality?

Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh Niger Delta           $3,800.00           Conservation Research To Assess The Population Status, Distribution And Prevalent Threats To The Critically Endangered Niger Delta Red Colobus Monkey

Cheryl Knott Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program           $1,800.00           Assessing the Health Status of Wild Orangutan Populations

Alicia Krzton Texas A&M University           $3,150.00           Identifications of range use patterns in wild golden snub-nosed monkeys

Britta Nelson Australian National University           $2,945.00           Tree Use by Northern Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbons (Nomascus annamensis) in Cambodia

Elizabeth Pimley University of Gloucestershire           $4,000.00           Pilot Study Proposal: The Behavioural Ecology and genetics of the Western potto (Perodicticus potto potto)

Sam Shanee Neotropical Primate Conservaation NPC UK           $2,950.00           Primate Census to Evaluate the Impact of Five Years of Community Conservation for the Peruvian yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda

Stephanie Spehar University of Wisconsin Oshkosh           $2,800.00           The behavioral ecology and conservation of Miller’s Grizzled Langur (Presbytis hosei canicrus) in the Wehea Forest, East Kalimantan

Julie Teichroeb University of California Santa Cruz           $3,300.00           Survey and Habituation of Angolan Colobus Monkeys (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii) in a Fragmented Landscape in Southern Uganda: Potential for Protection and Restoration

Julio C. Tello Le Conservatoire pour la Protection des Primates           $4,500.00           Distribution and taxonomy of titi monkeys (Callicebus) in the Atalaya region Ucayali region, Peru

John Zaonarivelo & EE Louis           $1,200.00           Leveraging biodiversity to rebuild fragile ecosystems in northern Madagascar with the Northern sportive lemur

Grants Spring 2012

Alemneh Amare          Addis Ababa University  Faculty of Life Sciences, Zoological Sciences Program Unit, Ecological and Ay      $1,002.00        Renewal Grant for Population Status and Ecology of De Brazza's Monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) in Yayu Forest, southwestern Ethiopia

Mr. Gonedele Bi Sery             $2,500.00        Conservation of threatened primates of Dassioko Sud and Port Gauthier forest reserves in coastal Côte d’Ivoire

Dena Clink      University of  California, Davis          $3,100.00        The effects of experimental habitat fragmentation on food availability and nutritional stress of two sympatric Bornean primate species, Hylobates muellei, and Presbytis hosei

Katie Feilen     University of California Davis            $1,900.00        The effects of spatiotemporal variation of food availability on the socioecology of proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) in West Kalimantan

Laura P. Ginn & Joshua.Robison        Oxford Brookes University 8 $2,400.00         The Forgotten Primates of West Africa: A Survey of Southern Burkina Faso

Francisco Henao-Diaz             Universidad de Los Andes     $1,700.00        Genetic diversity and dispersal patterns of Lagothrix lagotricha in a highland Andena forest and fragmented lowland forest.

 Marie Goretti Manikuzwe      Association pour la Conservation de la Nature au Rwanda (ACNR)                        $3,000.00        Status of the Blue monkey in the Nyabarongo wetlands in South-Eastern of Rwanda

Maureen McCarthy     University of Southern California 1   $1,300.00        Chimpanzee Ranging and Dispersal in Fragmented Habitat in Uganda

Richard Muhabwe,     Makerere University, Uganda             $2,900.00        Factors influencing edge use in a community of forest monkeys

Trang Nguyen Oxford Brookes University 10           $1,850.00        Demographic dynamics of isolated populations of Brown Collared Lemur (Eulemur collaris) in littoral forest fragments of Southeastern Madagascar

Nguyen Manh Hiep    Nature Conservation Division of the Forest Protection Department of Vietnam      $4,500.00             Proposal for funding to make the presentation for IPS Hanoi August 2014

Phaivanh Phiapalath    Vientiane, Laos           $3,600.00        Awareness raising campaign on the conservation of Lao Langur.

Katherine Scott           Oxford Brookes 9       $2,150.00        Assessing the population of proboscis monkeys and threats to their survival in Sungai Wain, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Nikki Tagg and Willie Jacob   Royal Zoological  Society of Antwerp           $3,150.00        The Influence of Enviromental and Human Factors on Western Lowland Gorilla Density and Ranging Patterns in Southeast Cameroon

John  Justice Tibesigwa           Makerere University, Uganda $3,200.00        Mountain Gorilla Feeding in Farms: Nutritional Aspects of Crop-Raiding and Implications for Protected Area Management

Jody Suzanne Weir     University of Victoria             $1,001.00        Renewal Grant for the Importance of Feeding Ontogeny in the Development of Infant Indri and Diademed Sifaka: A Project to Protect the Two Largest Species of Lemur.

Vilma Karenina Morales Hernandez         El Salvador, Central America         $2,405.00        
Study And Conservation Project Of Three Mesoamerican Monkeys: Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) In El Salvador

Raju Das         Dept. of Life Sciences, North Orissa University, Orissa, India         $2,100.00         Role of food plant distribution pattern and phytochemistry on feeding behavior of Golden Langur (Trachypithecus geei) in Chirang Reserve Forest, Assam, India.

Hannah Rose Trayford         University of Cambridge         $2,503.00         Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) Reintroduction and Conservation in Indonesia: A Comparative Study.

Truong Truong         Thi Phin FPD, Danang City, Vietnam         $1,950.00         "Research on actual distribution status, protection status and conservation for Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulata), and Stump tailed Macaque (Macaca arctoides) and long - tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in Son Tra Nature Reserve, Da Nang, Vietnam."""

Raymond Donald         TSARAMANANA Ecole Superieurs des Sciences Agronomiques         $2,550.00 
"Seed dispersal and forest Regeneration by Eulemur cinereiceps at the Agnalazaha forest , Manombo-Mananivo, Southeast Madagascar"

Fall 2011

Alemneh Amare         Addis Abab University Faculty of Life Sciences, Zoological Sciences Program Unit, Ecological and Ay         $2,701.00
Population Status and Ecology of De Brazza's Monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) in Yayu Forest, southwestern Ethiopia

Jihosuo Biswas         Assam, India         $2,800.00         Conservation of Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock) in Langlakso-Mikir Hills Kalioni and Borjuri-Jungthung-Western Mikir Hills Landscape, Assam, India

Thomas Butynski         Nairobi, Kenya         $2,600.00         Survey of the primates of the Ngutuman Escarpment and Loita Hills, Kenya

Nabajit Das         Primate Research Centre, NE Centre         $3,500.00         Conservation Status of Bengal slow loris (Nycticebus bengalensis) in Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Timothy Eppley         University of Hamburg, Germany         $2,400.00         Ecolofical flexibility of the southern gentle lemur Hapalemur meridionalis in south-east Madagascar. Implications for conservation in a fragmented and seasonal landscape

Tariku Mekonnen         Gutema Jimma University         $2,702.00         Distribution, feeding Ecology and Threats of Debrazza’s Monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) in Ethiopia

Honnavalli Kumara         Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History         $3,800.00         
Distribution pattern of slender Loris in parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, India

Brent Loken         Ethical Expeditions         $3,750.00         
Protecting Miller's Grizzled Langur and Critical Habitat by Building Sustainable Social-Ecological Systems in Borneo.

Jake Owens         Drexel University Bioko Biodiversity Protection         $2,400.00 
Feeding ecology of the Bioko Island drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis).

Eva Johanna Rode Oxford Brookes University         $1,800.00 
Conservation of the only poisonous primates - the Javan slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) on West - Java, Indonesia.

Spring 2011

Jihosuo Biswas         Bio Resource Study Centre, N. E. India         $2,800.00         Conservation of Western Hoolock Gibbon Hoolock hoolock in Langlakso-Mikir Hills Kalioni and Borjuri-Jungthung-Western Mikir Hills Landscape, Assam, India

Jackson Frechette         University of Florida         $3,510.00     The effects of crested gibbon (Nomascus annamensis) seed dispersal patterns on tree regeneration.

Yadav Ghimirey         Friends of Nature (FON)         $2,280.00         Assamese Macaque in Makalu-Barun National Park, Nepal

Nanda Grow         Texas A&M Research Foundation         $1,002.00         Renewal grant "Population Density Survey of Tarsius pumilus in Central Sulawesi".

Sharon Gursky         Texas A&M University         $3,850.00         Population Density Survey of Philippine Tarsiers in Leyte,

Thach Mai Hoang         Hanoi University of Science         $5,000.00         Continuing to Study the Status and Conservation of the Tonkin snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) at Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province

Johan Karlsson         Nocturnal Primate Research Group         $3,600.00 Molecular Phylogeny of East African Dwarf Galagos (Galagidae; Galagoides

Stanislaus Mulu Kivai         Primate Reseach Institute of Kenya         $3,100.00         Assessing the Population status, Distribrution and Habitat staus of the endemic and endangered Percival's Black and White Colobus monkey in Mathews' Range Forest Reserve, Kenya

Alicia Krzton         Texas A&M University         $3,450.00         Habituation of a free-roaming golden snub-nosed monkey group (Rhinopithecus roxellana roxellana)

Joshua Linder         James Madison University         $3,250.00         Monitoring large mammals and human activities in Korup National Park, Cameroon

Emily K Lloyd         University of Texas at San Antonio         $2,900.00         Analysis of behavioral flexibility and intra-group feeding competition in the Sanje mangabey (Cercocebus sanjei), Udzungwa Mountains National Park (UMNP), Tanzania.

David N. M. Mbora         Whittier College         $3,900.00         The Tana Forests People for Conservation and Conservaation for People Initiative PCCP: Preserving the habitat of the Tana River Red Colobus and the crested mangabey through community conservation and development in Tana Deistrict, Kenya

Jessica Moody and Colleen McCann Fordham         University and Wildlife Conservation Society         $2,750.00     Assessing the conservation status and taxonomic assignment of the Indochinese silvered langur (Trachypithecus germaini) in two protected forest sites in Cambodia

Jean-Luc Raharison         Sadabe Fanomezantsow         $2,495.00         Action Fund Grant Locating and Habituating High Altitude Prolemur simus at Tsinjoarivo, eastern Madagascar

Onja Razafindratsima         Wm Marsh Rice University         $1,003.00         Renewal grant Effects of seed dispersal by lemurs on their host-plants dynamics

Carolyn Jost Robinson         Purdue University         $2,450.00         Changing technologies, changing ecologies: Differentiating the impacts of increased hunting versus logging on primate behavior and community structure in the Dzanga Sangha Dense Forest Reserve, Central African Republic.

Charles Tumwesigye and Jessica Rothman         Hunter College of the City University of New York         $1,050.00     Renewal Grant How does touriam impact mountain gorilla behaviour in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda?

Jody Suzanne Weir         University of Victoria         $1,850.00         The Importance of Feeding Ontogeny in the Development of Infant Indri and Diademed Sifaka: A Project to Protect the Two Largest Species of Lemur.

Fall 2010

Nguyen Thi Lan Anh         Hanoi University of Science,Vietnam         $2,450.00         Dietary Chemistry and Mechanics of the Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.

Marino Blanco         University of Massachusetts         $3,501.00         Biology of two sympatric dwarf lemur papulations (Cheirogaleus sibreei and C. crossleyi) in the high altitude forests of Tsinjoarivo, Eastern Madagascar.

Katherine Burns         West African Primate Conservation Action WAPCA Ghana         $3,700.00         Primate survey in Subri River Forest Reserve - Western Region, Ghana

Camille N.Z. Coudrat         Oxford Brookes University         $3,600.00         Ecology of the red-shanked douc monkey (Pygathrix nemaeus) in Nakai Nam Theun National Protected Area, central-eastern Laos and evalation of its conservation staus via an ethnoprimatological study and education project.

Drew Cronin         Drexel University         $2,600.00         The impact of hunting on the monkey species of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Sheila Holmes         University of Calgary         $2,400.00         Habitat use and population genetics of Varecia variegata editorum in a fragmented landscape in Madagascar

Jacob Owens         Drexel University         $3,100.00         Field research on the feeding ecology and habitat utilization of the Bioko Island drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis)

Jennifer Rehg         Southern Illinois University Edwardsville         $1,800.00         Survey of the Populations and Ecology of Callimico goeldii in Madre de Dios, Peru

Chia Tan         San Diego Zoo         $2,300.00         Studying and Monitoring Primate Behavior: A Workshop for Asian Conservation Professionals
Deogratias Tuyisingize         Karisoke Research Center-Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund         $2,500.00         Status of the Golden Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis kandti) population in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

Kirsten Wimberger         University of Fort Hare, South Africa         $2,001.00         Samango Monkey Project

Spring 2010

Christina M. Ellis         University of Melbourne, Australia         $2,501.00         A Political Ecology Analysis of Gorilla Conservation and Illegal Natural Resource Exploitation in the Context of a Civil War: Case Study Comparison of World Heritage Sites, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Denise Gabriel         University of Victoria         $2,502.00         Variations in stress and parasitism in ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) inhabiting forest fragments of Madagascar.

Maria Veiga         Sabine Garcia de Oliveira,Dr, Liza Maria Veiga         $2,500.00         Activity Budget, Diet and Social Interactions of the Critically Endangered Ka’apor Capuchin (Cebus kaapori Queiroz 1992), n the Fragmented Landscape of Tucuruí-PA, Brazil

Dong Thanh Hai         Department of Wildlife Management         $2,503.00         The status of Francois Langur (Trachypithecus francoisi) in Than Sa-Phuong Hoang Nature Reserve, Thai Nguyen Province

Marie Hamard         Oxford Brookes University         $2,202.00         Ecological and behavioral correlates of population density in two species of gibbons in Indonesian Borneo.

Thach Mai Hoang         Hanoi University of Science         $5,000.00         Status and conservation of the Tonkin snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) at Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam

Teresa Holmes         University of Calgary         $2,504.00         Dispersal patterns in a fragmented habitat: The case of Colobus vellerosus at Boabeng-Fiema,Ghana

Inaoyom Imong         University of Leipzig, Germany         $3,001.00         Investigating ecological and anthropogenic influences on the distribution and conservation of the Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) in Nigeria
Rebecca Lewis         University of Texas Austin         $1,000.00         Renewal grant for The Effects of a Cyclone on Verreaux's Siffka in the Kirindy Mitea National Park

Lesley Lopez         Wildlife Conservation Society         $2,000.00         Mapping habitat loss and availability for Callicebus modestus and Callicebus olallae in the Department of Beni - Bolvia.

Addisu Mekonnen         Addis Ababa University , Science Faculty         $4,000.00         The population status, and ecology of a rare gelada monkey subspecies (Thereopithecus gelada unnamed subsp.) in Indeitu, eastern Arsi, Ethiopia

Eric Neilson         Oxford Brookes University         $2,700.00         Effects of Disturbance on Pileated Gibbon (Hylobates pileatus) Occupancy, Density and Viability.

Ernest Nwufoh         Threatened Resources Conservation Centre         $940.00         Ecology and Conservation of populations of Mona Monkeys (Cercopithecus mona) Facing decline in Awka, Nigeria.

Sunita Ram         Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning (FERAL)         $3,401.00         Parapatry Between The Common Langur (Semnopithecus priam) And The Nilgiri Langur (Semnopithecus johnii) In The Southern Western Ghats

Onja Razafindratsima         Wm Marsh Rice University         $2,800.00         Effects of seed dispersal by lemurs on their host-plants dynamics
Eva Johanna Rode         Bristol, Clifton & West of England Zoological Society Ltd.         $3,200.00         Habitat and Nest Site use of the Northern Greater Mouse Lemur (Mirza zaza) in Sahamalaza, northwestern Madagascar.

Lara Rogers         Fx-pedition2010         $2,506.00         Assessing the distribution of the hybrid gibbon Hylobates albibarbis x Hylobates muelleri; density and territory boundary in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Abigail Ross         University of Toronto         $2,005.00         The influence of edge effects on Propithecus coquereli maternal care and infant and development in northwest Madagascar

Sam Shanee and Noga Shanee         Neotorpical Primate Conservation (NPC) UK         $1,000.00         Renewal Grant Basic Ecology and Conservation of the Andean Night Monkey (Aotus miconax: Thomas 1927) in La Espeanza, Peru

David Smith         Orangutan Tropical Peatland Research Project         $2,201.00         The conservation and ecology of the red langur (Presbytis rubicunda) in the Sabangau peat-swamp forest, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

Stephanie Spehar         University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh         $1,200.00         Behavioral flexibility in fruit-eating primates: Coping with scarcity in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Charles Tumwesigye and Jessica Rothman         Hunter College         $2,901.00         How does tourism impact mountain gorilla behavior in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda?

Fall 2009

Paul Dutton                  University of Canterbury                   $2,501.00
Conserving the Nigerian/Cameroon chimpanzee in a small remnant of montane forest: assessment of habitat, diet and technology

Aerin Jacob                  McGill University                                 $2,401.00
Identifying Spatial and Temporal Patterns and Processes to Predict Primate Restoration

Caitlin Karanewsky                 State University of New York                                $2,806.00       
Study of effects of habitat disturbance and climate change on hibernation patterns of Microcebus rufus in Ranomafana, Southeast Madagascar

Eileen Larney & Patricia C. Wright              SUNY Stony Brook                 $2,300.00
Suvey of Nocturnal Lemurs in Madagascar

Rebecca Lewis             University of Texas Austin               $3,000.00
The Effects of a Cyclone on Verreaux's Siffaka in the Kirindy Mitea National Park

Ibnu Maryanto  & Myron Shekelle              Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)                        $2,404.00
Taxonomic survey and conservation of tarsiers in the near-Sangihe Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Jacob Owens                           Drexel University                                 $3,200.00       
Field research on Bioko Island drills (Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis) to determine and compare feeding and predation/predator-avoidance strategies with published strategies for mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx) and mainland drills (Manddrillus leucophaeus le

Guillaume Pages               The University of Texas at San Antonio                        $2,403.00
A Shifting Diet of Seeds: A Mechanical and Nutritional Analysis of Fallback Foods in the Sanjie Mangabey (Cercocebus sanjei) in a Seasonal Enviroment, Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Josia Razafindramanana                     Oxford Brookes University                     $3,100.00
Behavioural Ecology and Caonservation of ring-tailed and collared lemurs in forest fragments Southeastern Madagascar

Rafael Reyna-Hurtado                        McGill University, Montreal                                  $2,150.00
Social ecology and searching strategies of endangered primates in changing tropical forests

Dong Thanh Hai & Chia Tan                         Vietnam Forestry University, Hanoi, Vietnam            $2,400.00
A Primate Behavioral Ecology Course for Emerging Primatologists in Asia

Spring 2009

Nguyen Thi Lan Anh                       Hanoi University of Science,Vietnam                     $3,300.00
Dietary Chemistry and Mechanics of the Tonkin Snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.

Mathew Banks             SUNY Stony Brook                 $1,275.00
Conservation and study of Propithecus perrieri

Dr. Rekha Chetry              Gibbon Conservation Centre Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary,                    $3,008.00
Hoolock Gibbon Survey in Sadiya Sub Division with Reference to Eastern Hoolock in Assam, India

Camille Coudrat                        Oxford Brookes University                     $2,100.00
Density, activity, diet and habitat quality of the Endangered black-shanked douc (Pygathrix n. nigripes) and the Vulnerable pygmy loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) in Seima Biodiversity conservation Area, Cambodia

Claire Coulson              Cercopan                     $1,009.00
Test The Effectiveness Of African Reintroduction As A Conservation Tool: Using Non Globally Endangered But Locally Extirpated Species

Julie Duboscq  and Dr. Antje Engelhardt                    German Primate Center             $1,000.00
Socio-ecology of wild female Macaca nigra in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve North Sulawesi Indonesia

Nanda Grow                Texas A&M Research Foundation                   $3,007.00
Population Density Survey of Tarsius pumilus in Central Sulawesi

Long Thang Ha             Endangered Primates Rescue Centre              $1,700.00       
A study of the feeding behavior and nutrition of the grey-shanked douc monkey (Pygathrix cinerea) in the Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Vietnam

Suzanne Hagell , C. Chambers and Sarah Otterstrom            Northern Arizona University                     $3,400.00 
Landscape Connectivity and Forest Planning for Spider Monkeys in Nicaragua

Thach Mai Hoang              Hanoi University of Science                        $5,000.00
Status and conservation of the Tonkin snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) at Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province

Mitch Irwin                   McGill University                     $2,500.00
Halting Politically-Induced Deforestation in the Short Term To Preserve the Unique Primate Community of Tsinjoarivo, Eastern Central Madagascar

Eileen Larney  and Patricia Wright              SUNY at Stony Brook             $3,000.00
Habitat characterization and behavior of a critically endangered population of Prolemur simus in Mahasoa, Madagascar

Bettina Martin                           Consultant Forest Conservation                $1,750.00
The Status of the Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey in Na Hang and Cam Chu in North Vietnam

Grainne McCabe                         University of Texas San Antonio                 $1,001.00
Reproductive ecology of an endangered primate: alteration of the diet and foraging behavior in adult female Sanjie mangabeys (Cercocebus sanjei)

Addisu Mekonnen  and A. Atickem                   Addis Ababa University                     $2,750.00
The habitat preference, population size, distribution, feeding behavior, activity and ranging pattern of the blue monkey (Cercopithecus mitis boutourlinii) in Jibat, Ethiopia

Krista Milich                 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign                   $1,002.00
The Effect of Deforestation on Reproductive Fitness in Female Red Colobus Monkeys (Procolobus rufomitratus tephrosceles)

Alba Lucia Morales-Jimenez                        New York University                                    $2,700.00
Molecular systematics of Mesoamerican Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi & Ateles fuscieceps): implications for conservation

Sarah Proctor                           University of York, UK                  $3,006.00
The Impact of Selective Logging on Lemur Communities at Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar

Roberta Salmi               The Research Foundation SUNY             $2,501.00
Conservation of Western Lowland Gorillas, Gorilla Gorilla,  through Research and Ecotourism at Mondika, Republic of Congo and CAR

Sam Shanee  and N. Shanee              Neotopical Primate Conservation (NPC) UK                   $2,006.00
Basic Ecology and Conservation of the Andean Night Monkey (Aotus miconax: Thomas 1927) in La Espeanza, Peru

Pablo Stevenson, P.Tovar & S.Vargas            Universidad de los Andes Bogota Colombia                     $3,009.00 
Population densities and behavior of high land woolly monkey (Lagothrix lugens) at Cueva de los Guacharos National Park, Columbia

Heidy Lopez Strauss, N. Gonzalez and M.V. Sinani                  Wildlife Conservation Society            $1,200.00 
Behavioral ecology of callicebus modestus in the Department of Beni-Bolivia

Julio Cesar Tello-Alvarado,                        Le Conservatoire pour la Protection des Primates                       $2,400.00  
Possible existence of a new species of titi monkey Callicebus in the south of the Department of San Martín, Peru

Nguyen Tien, & Hoang Minh Duc                   School of Natural & Rural Systems Management            $2,900.00 
Ranging patterns of the grey-shanked douc langur in Phuoc Nihn commune, Non Son district, Quang Nam province

Fall 2008

Anagaw Atickem                         University of Oslo                        $2,501.00     
Taxonomic status of the Bale monkey; Chlorocebus djamdjamensis/Cercopithecus aethiops djamdjamensis?

Dr Gonedele Bi Sery        La Conservation de la Biodiversity en Cote d' Ivoire (ACB-CI)/ CSRS     $3,002.00
Population density survey of Deana roloway (Cercopithecus Diana roloway) and white-napped mangabey (Cercocebus atys lunulatus)

Diego Alejandro Zarate Caicedo                         Universidad de Los Andes                        $1,003.00   
Continued funding forEcological strategies of woolly monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha) in fragmented forests in Guaviare, Colombia

Dr. Robert H. Horwich                         Community Conservation                        $1,504.00     
Community-based Research of the Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta) as a conservation Tool in an Extreme Dry Dwarf Forest in Southwest Madagascar

Gang Hu                         Southwest Forestry University                                  $1,503.00     
Evaluating the adaptive flexibility of Francois' langur in response to ecological variations and human disturbance gradients in Mayanghe Nature Reserve, China

Caitlin Karanewsky                         SUNY Stony Brook                         $1,505.00  
Hibernation in rainforest primates: Effects of sex and habitat differences

Waldney Pereira Martins                         $1,004.00       
Density, ecology and behavior of crested capuchin monkey (Cebus robustus: Kuhl, 1820): Implication for its conservation and management

Sergio Moreno                         Le Conservatoire pour la Protection des Primates     $950.00    
A study in the distribution of the Alto Mayo titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) in the Rio Mayo Valley, Department of San Martin, Peru

Rachel Munds                         Oxford Brookes University                        $2,506.00     
Population density surveys & taxonomic assessment of the Western tarsier (Tarsius bancanus borneanus) and Bornean slow loris (Nycticebus menagensis) in the Lower Kinabatangan Floodplain, Sabah, Malaysia

Tricia Parish                         Oxford Brookes University                        $2,509.00       
Identifying the CITES Appendix I-Listed Asian slow loris: a training program for enforcement officials and rescue center personnel in Southeast Asia

Milada Petru                         Charles Univ, Prague Czech Republic             $2,510.00     
Study of social behavior and communication of the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) using radio-telemetry and bioacoustic methods

Mathew Pines                         City University of New York                        $1,011.00       
Preventative Measures: Minimizing (by Studying) the Adverse Effects of Crop-Raiding by Hamadryas Baboons

Gabriela Ponce Santizo Julio Madrid Montenegro, Liliana Cortes-Ortíz, Domingo Canales et al                        Wildlife Conservation Society      $500.00   
Translocation of endangered Howler Monkeys (Alouatta pigra) in the south of Peten Guatemala

Le Khac Quyet                         Fauna and Flora International                              $2,012.00    
Positional behavior and habitat use of the Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) in Khau Ca area, Ha Giang Province, northeastern Vietnam

Julia Ruppell                         Portland State University Biology Department                        $3,013.00    
Behavioral Ecology of Crested Gibbons (Nomascus) in Laos

Kumara Wakjira                                                 $2,514.00          
The Behavioral Ecology of the Bale Monkey in the Harenna Forest of Ethiopia

Indah Winarti                             $2,015.00       
Javan Slow Loris Night Range Around Village, Ciamis-West Java, Indonesia

Zuo-Fu Xiang       Central South University of Forestry & Technology        $2,516.00     
Current status and conservation suggestions of the gray snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus brelichi) in Guizhou, China

Spring 2008

Marina B. Blanco and Laurie R. Godfrey        University of Massachusetts                        $1,002.00        
Survey of Nocturnal lemurs in the continuous and fragmented forest of Tsinjoarivo, eastern Madagascar

Frank Cuozzo, Ibrahim Antho, Jacky Youssouf & Dr. Michelle L. Sauthe  University of North Dakota  $2,542.00 
Approach to Assessing Feral Animal Predation of Endangered Wild Lemurs and Domestic Livestock

Nabajit Das                               $3,003.00        
Ecology and threats of one of the least known primate species: Bengal Slow Loris (N. bengalensis) in the Protected Areas of Assam, India

Dr. Jinie Dela                            $2,600.00
A survey of the Distribution and Habitat Status of the Western Purple-faced Langur (Semnopithecus vetulus nestor)

Kira Delmore                             $2,495.00        
Conservation implications of hybridization between two species of brown lemur, Eulemur fulvus rufus and E. albocollaris

Julie Duboscq and Dr Antje Engelhardt      German Primate Centre DPZ                        $1,400.00        
Socio-ecology of wild Macaca nigra in the Tangkoko-Batuangus Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nisa Syachera Febriyanti                                 $600.00   
Characteristic Cover for Silvered Leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus cristatus) in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Malang, East Java

Thach Mai Hoang DR Hebert Covert     University of Colorado at Boulder                $3,090.00  
To investigate how the daily ranging behavior of the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey is related to habitat structure at Khau Ca forest, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam

Mohammad Indrawan Ibnu Maryanto and Myron Shekelle                         $2,339.00        
Preliminary Study of the Peleng Island Tarsier, Tarsius pelengensis

Carolyn Jost Dr. Melissa J Remis                        Purdue University                        $3,400.00    
Sustainability of wildlife and conservation in a Central African forest: Examining primate and ungulate responses to anthropogenic activities

Xuecong Liu                         University of CA, Los Angeles                        $2,007.00        
Influences of Food Quality and Distribution on Ranging Patterns of Sichuan Snub- Nosed Monkeys in Shennongjia, China

Laura Marsh                         Global Conservation Organization                        $2,408.00 
Recalibration of the Pithecia Genus: Taxonomy and Conservation

Cristiana Sad Martins                         IPE -Instituto de Pesquisas Ecologicas                        $2,008.00        
Filling gaps on the Black Lion Tamarin Metapopulation Program

Grainne Michelle McCabe                         University of Texas at San Antonio                        $2,200.00 
Reproductive ecology of an endangered primate: alteration of the diet and foraging behavior in adult female Sanjie mangabeys (Cercocebus sanjei)

Krista Milich                         University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign                        $1,920.00
The Effect of Deforestation on Reproductive Fitness in Female Red Colobus Monkeys (Procolobus rufomitratus tephrosceles)

Jonathan O’Brien & Dr. Herbert H. Covert    University of Colorado at Boulder            $3,010.00 
Ecology and Conservation of the black-shanked douc (Pygathrix nigripes) in Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam

Leah Schein                         Oxford Brookes University                        $4,000.00        
Pilot Survey and Census of Perodicticus potto Arctocebus calabarensis in Rhoko, Nigeria

Megan Kay Shrum                                      $2,052.00        
The Mongoose Lemur (Eulemur mongoz): Re-assessment of conservation status and of its remaining habitat in Northwest Madagascar

Nikki Tagg & Jacob Willie    The Royal Zoological Society Antwerp      $2,012.00  
Differences in chimpanzee and gorilla densities in non-protected areas of southeast Cameroon: implications for impacts of logging and successes in great ape conservation

Lauren Wright                         Oxford Brookes University                        $2,053.00   
Assessment of grey-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix cinerea) population density in Que Phuoc Commune, Quang Nam province, Vietnam: effects of hunting and habitat disturbance

Fall 2007

Dr. Khun Bala                         University of Veterinary Science                        $1,700.00        
Conservation of Trachypithecus obscurus with local community participation at Naung Name village region

Matthew Banks                         SUNY at Stony Brook/Dept of Anthropology                        $2,160.00        
Monitoring and Conservation of Perrier's sifaka (Propithecus perrieri)

Adrian Barnett                         University of Surrey Roehampton                        $1,000.00        
Feeding ecology, seasonal habitat choice and conservation requirements of the golden-backed uacari or bico, Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary (Cebidae; Primates) in Jau National Park, Amazonia, Brazil.

Karla Biebouw                         Oxford Brookes University                        $1,825.00        
Renewal grant to continue to study Allocebus trichotis

Diego Alejandro Zarate Caicedo                         Universidad de Los Andes                        $1,230.00        
Ecological strategies of woolly monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha) in fragmented forests in Guaviare, Colombia

Pedro G. Mendez Carvajal and Ivelisse Ruiz-Bernard                             $2,350.00                        Environmental education program-Azuero endemic primates (General Alouatta and Ateles) Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Fanny Cornejo and Sam Shanee                        Neotropical primate conservation             $2,030.00        
La Esperenza-Community Conservation and Research Project for the Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey (Oreonax flavicauda, Humboldt 1812)

Fam Shun Deng Myron Shekelle                        National University of Singapore                        $1,600.00        
Preliminary Study of the greater slow loris, Nycticebus coucang in Singapore

Wendy M. Erb Stony Brook University                        $2,460.00        
Behavioral ecology of Simakobu monkeys (Simias concolor) in northern Siberut, Indonesia

Mitchell Irwin and Fanomezantsoa Jean-Luc Raharison                        McGill University   $2,500.00        
Countering the Threat of Government-Sponsored Logging To Preserve the Unique Primate Community of Tsinjoarivo, Eastern Central Madagascar

Dr Honnavalli N. Kumara                         National Institute of Advanced Studies                         $2,920.00        
Development of a conservation strategy for a newly discovered lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus) population in Western Ghats, India

Bryan Lenz , Dr. Wilson Roberto Spironello, and Dr. Katherine M. Jack Tulane University 1,550.00
Primate distribution, Behavior, and ecology in the fragmented landscape of the biological dynamics of forest fragments project, Manaus, Brazil

Stanislav Lhota                         University of South Bohemia                        $3,510.00        
Population survey, socioecological study and conservation of proboscis monkeys (Nasalis Larvatus) in Balikpapan Bay, Indonesia

Zhaoyuan Li , Dong Yang, and Baojian Huang                        Nature Watch, Southwest Forestry College                        $1,000.00                        Renewal Grant Study on the survival status of Francois' langurs in Guizhou and Chongqing, China

LeAndra G. Luecke                         Department of Anthropology                        $1,020.00        
Feeding ecology of howling monkeys (Alouatta palliata and Alouatta pigra) in Mangrove Forest, Tabasco, Mexico

Sara Martin                               $1,940.00        
Consequences of landscape ecology on parasite infections in Eulemur albocollaris

Waldney Pereira Martins                         $1,650.00        
Ecology and behavior of crested capuchin monkey (Cebus robustus: Kuhl, 1820): Implication for its conservation and management

Keriann McGoogan and Travis Steffens                        University of Toronto                        $2,250.00  
Impact of edge effects on behavior, ecology, and demographics of Propithecus coquereli in northwest Madagascar

Addisu Mekonnen and Anagaw Atickem                        Addis Ababa University                        $2,590.00        
The distribution, habitat use and diet selection of the Bale monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops djamdjamensis/ Chlorocebus djamdjamensis) in Odobullu, the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia

Helene and Carlos Palimino                         IkamaPeru                        $2,000.00         
Protection of Habitat of Callicebus oenanthe

Amy Pokemper                         The Wildlife Conservation Society                        $2,000.00        
Snare removal in Kibale national Park

Sunita Ram                         FERAL                        $2,900.00        
Gastrointestinal parasites in langurs: the influence of human settlements within a protected area in the western Ghats, India

Hatta Ramlee                         School of Archaeology & Anthropology                        $2,740.00        
Distribution and Ecology of Four Sympatric Langur Species in Baram Region, Sarawak

Josia Razafindramanana                         University of Antananarivo                        $1,400.00        
Monitoring of the population dynamics of the introduced Brown Lemurs (Eulemur fulvus rufus x Eulemur collaris) at Berenty reserve-southeastern Madagascar

Arif Setiawan                         Forest Resource Conservation Dept                        $3,600.00        
Conservation status of Miller's Grizzled langur (Presbytis hosei ssp canicrus) in Kutai National Park, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Swapna N.                         Manipal University                        $2,300.00        
Feeding ecology and habitat use in the Bengal slow loris (Nycticebus bengalensis) in Trishna Wildlife sanctuary, Tripura India

Tharcisse Ukizintambara                         Antioch New England Graduate School                        $1,000.00        
Renewal Grant for Status of L'Hoest's Monkey in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda: Habitat characteristics, edge effects and intra-specific behavioral ecology and conservation.

Spring 2007

Anne C. Axel                         Michigan State University                       $2,450.00
Evaluating and modeling lemur-habitat relationships along environmental and disturbance gradients in the dry lands of southern Madagascar

Abigail Baird                         University of Sussex                                   $2,451.00
Development of playback for rapid population assessment of the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey(Ateles fusciceps)

Lawrence Baya                      University of Freiburg                                $3,007.00
An evaluation of the impact of village resettlement on the conservation of wildlife in the Korup National Park South West of Cameroon

Lucy Birkett                          Oxford Brookes University                      $720.00
Survey of the Sumatran slow loris(Nycticebus coucang coucang) in Banda Aceh, North Sumatra

Antonio J. Boveda-Penalba                      Le Conservatoire pour la Protection des Primates     $500.00
A study in the distribution of the Alto Mayo titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) in the Rio Mayo Valley, Department of San Martin, Peru

Catherine Cooke                      The Ohio State University                      $1,450.00
An initial assessment of the density and habitat use of primate species in Sette Cama and south Loango Park in Gabon

Nanda Grow                         Texas A & M                        $1,995.00
Population Density Survey of the Tarsius pumilus in Central Sulawesi

Long Thang Ha                      Endangered Primates Rescue Centre                      $1,505.00
Behavioural Ecology and Conservation of the Grey-shanked douc Monkey(Pygathrix cinerea) in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Mark E Harrison                      University of Cambridge                      $1,000.00
Renewal grant Orangutan feeding behaviour in the Sebangau National Park, Indonesia: implications for conservation

Stacey Hodder                       McGill University                              $1,250.00
Does human presence cause more severe parasite infections in colobus monkeys on forest edges?

Christina Ingraldi                      University of Calgary Graduate Studies                     $1,800.00
Forest Fragmentation and Edge Effects on Eight Sympatric Lemur Species in Southeastern Madagascar

Susan Lappan                       Ewha Woman's University                      $1,503.00
Diet and foraging behavior of the silvery gibbon (Hylobates moloch) in the Gunung Halimun National Park, Java, Indonesia

David Lekeaka Nkengateh                      Oxford Brookes University                      $2,355.00
Comparing nesting  ecology of Chimpanzees in two isolated habitats in Lebialem Division, South West Province, Cameroon

Michael Teague O'Mara                      Arizona State University                      $1,870.00
Socioecological influences on the development of sex differences in the feeding ecology of ringtailed lemurs (Lemur catta)

George Owoyesigire                      Oxford Brookes University                      $2,335.00
Assessing the interaction between habituated chimpanzees and local people around Kibale National Park, Uganda

Adriano Reis e Lameira                      University of Utrecht                                 $3,003.00
Determining the effects of logging on Orangutan Behaviour and Survival in Ketambe

Felicia Ruperti                       Oxford Brookes University                      $3,210.00
Population density and habitat preferences of the Sahamalaza sportive lemur(Lepilemur sahamalazensis) in four forest fragments of the Sahamalaza Peninsula, Northwest Madagascar

Roberta Salmi                       The Research Foundation SUNY                      $2,800.00
Uniting Ecotourism and research:  a new strategy for implementing conservation of western lowland gorillas(Gorilla gorilla gorilla) at Mondika, Djeke Triangle, Republic of Congo

Emily Sluzas                          Thomas Jefferson University                             $1,360.00
A population Density Survey of the Diurnal and Cathemeral Lemurs of Marojejv National Park, Madagascar

Christina M. Szado                      TAMU, Research Foundation      $1,990.00
Preliminary population survey of Tarsius bancanus bancanus in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Nguyen Van Tri Tin                      Cuc Phong Endangere Primate Rescue Center                      $2130.00 
Action Fund grant for Feeding ecology of the White-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) in the Phong Dien Nature Reserve, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Michelle Wong Hang Gi                      School of Life Sciences, Yunnan University                      $625.00
An intergrative study of landscape history and forest dynamics of the habitat of the black snub-nosed monkeys

Fall 2006

Ana Maria Aldana             Universidad de los Andes                            $1000.00
Ecological patterns of a critically endangered primate species (Ateles hybridus)
at the Magdalena Valley (El Paujil Bird Reserve, Serrania de Las Quinchas, Colombia).

Karla Biebouw                   Oxford Brookes University                         $3001.00
First assesment of the viability of the endangered hairy-eared dwarf lemur(allocebus trichotis) in fragments of Eastern Madagascar

Jihosuo Biswas                  Primate Research Centre, NE Centre         $2490.00
Survey and Study the Biogeography of Primate Species with special reference to Buffed Bellied Capped langur in Arunachal Pradesh, India

Marina B. Blanco             University of massachusetts                         $2800.00
Survey of Nocturnal lemurs in the continuous and fragmented forest of Tsinjoarivo, eastern Madagascar

Katie Mann                     Community Conservation                               $2700.00
Initiation of Community Conservation Efforts in Punta Burica, Costa Rica with Focus on Endangered Primates

Racheal Jacobs               The Research Foundation of SUNY              $3800.00
Assesment of the densities of Prolemur simus and giant bamboo at five sites in southeastern Madagascar

Zhaoyuan Li                 Nature Watch, Southwest Forestry College     $2300.00
Study on the survial status of Francois' langurs in Guizhou and Chongqing, China

Edward E. Louis          Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo                               $2400.00
The Woolly Lemurs of Madagascar with a description of a new species at Kalambatritra Special Reserve

Pedro G. Mendez        Sociedad Mastozoologica de Panama(SOMASPA)     $2100.00
Distribution and Conservation Status of the Azuero Peninsula Primates, genera Aloutta and ateles from Panama.

Leila M. Porter          Northern Illinois University                                $1010.00
Conservation Implications of Habitat Use and Ranging Behavior of Callimico goeldii in the Department of Pando, Bolivia

Nancy Priston            Oxford Brookes University                                 $1950.00
Modelling Primate Crop-Raiding - Perceptions of Risk, Actual Risk and the Implications for Conservation

Fidimalala Bruno Ralainasolo      Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Madagascar         $3300.00
Assesment of the conservation status of the white-collared lemur Eulemur albocollaris in south east Madagascar

Julia Ruppell             Portland State University                                     $2400.00
The vocal ty of the gibbons of the Nomascus leucogenys-complex in Vietnam

David Fernandez Sobrado                                                 $1800.00
Remale reproductive competition among Sanje Mangabeys (Cercocebus sanjei) in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Rajnish Vandercone         Washington University in St. Louis              $2900.00
Dietary shifts, Niche Relationships and Interspecific Competition in the Sympatric Grey Langur (Semnopithecus entellus) and the Purple-Faced Langur Trachypithecus vetulus) in Sri Lanka

Spring 2006

Brooke Aldrich Oxford Brookes University     $2,450.00 Survey of the Andean titi monkey(Callicebus oenanthe), based on loud calls, on a private refuge near Moyobamba, Peru

Andrea Baden SUNY Stony Brook     $1,500.00 Physical and genetic viability of the black-and-white ruffed lemur(Varecia variegata) in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar

Anja Deppe SUNY Stony Brook University     $2,000.00 Possible new Species of Mouse Lemur (genus Microcebus) in the corridor, Southeastern Madagascar

Carla Escabi New Mexico State UniversitD     $500.00 Presidents discretionary grant for field school in Philippines

Dong Thanh Hai Dept of Wildlife Management     $3,000.00 Behavioural ecology and conservation of Rhinopithecus avunculus in Khau Ca area, buffer zone of Du Gia Nature Reserve, Ha Giang province.

Mark Harrison University of Cambridge     $1,000.00 Renewal for Orangutan feeding behaviour in the Sebangau National Park, Indonesia: Implications for conservation

Elizabeth Kelley Washington University     $2,900.00 An ecological and anthropological study on Lemur catta at Tanjona Vohimena(Cap Sainte-Marie), Madagascar

,Keriann McGoogan, Andry Rajaonson and Sabine Day University of Toronto     $2,250.00 Edge effects on lemurs, lemur parasites and trees in NW Madagascar

Stanislav Lhota Faculty of Biological Sciences,     $2,000.00 University of South Bohemia Renewal grant for Ecology and conservation status of White-Footed langur(Presbytis frontata) in Sangai Wain, Eastern Kalimantan

Andres Link Fundacion BioDiversa Colombia     $3,300.00 Ecology, social behavior and seed dispersal patterns of the critically endangered varigated spider monkey at Serrania de Las Quinchas, Columbia

Paciulli Lisa Ithaca College $1,500.00 Action Fund grant Status of the simakobu monkey (Simias concolor) [and other primates] at Betumonga Research Station, North Pagai Island, Mentawai, Sumatra, Indonesia

Dr. Dario Maestripieri University of Chicago $2,600.00 The Sulawesi Macaque Conservation Project

Rachel McShane Center for Tropical Ecology & Conservation, Antioch New England Graduate School $1,000.00 Farmers and crop-raiding in the village of Gisoru at Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Maria Rakhovskaya The University of Pennsylvania $1,600.00 The effects of deforestation on sociality and stress response of the critically endangered Tana mangabey(Cerocebus galeritus)

Emilienne Rasoazanabary University of Massachusetts, Amherst $2,100.00 The human factor and mouse lemur conservation: local resource utilization and habitat disturbance at Beze Hahafaly Special Reserve, SW Madagascar

Kim Williams-Guillen Paso Pacifico/Pacific Passage $2,230.00 Assessment of fragmented Landscapes as Habitat for the Central American Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) in Southwestern Nicaragua

Fall 2005

Andrea Baden The Research Foundation of Stony Brook University Population     $3,750.00 Density and community structure of the black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) at Manegevo, Madagascar

Karla Biebouw Oxford Brookes University     $3,000.00 Pilot study on the conservation status of the hairy-eared drarf lemur (Allocebus trichotis) in Eastern Madagascar

Dr. Dilip Chetry Primate Research Center     $2,300.00 Status Survey of Golden langur in Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Assam, India and its conservation perspectives.

Anje Deppe The Research Foundation of SUNY Stony Brook University Action Fund:     $2,200.00 Possible new species of mouse lemur(genus Microcebus) in Tolongoina, southeastern Madagascar

Dr. Sharon Gursky Texas A&M Research Foundation     $3,500.00 Dispersal Patterns in Spectral Tarsiers

LeAndra G. Luecke Washington University in St. Louis     $1,500.00 Survey fo Howling Monkeys (Alouatta palliata nad A. pigra) in their Distributional Transition Zone, Tabasco, Mexico

Jarot Arisona Aja Pambudi Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Dtudies     $2,000.00 Survey of the Javan Slow Loris (Nycticebus javanicus E. Geoffroy, 1812) in Gunung Gede Pangrango Nation Park

Dr. Elizabeth Pimley Central Science Laboratory(CSL) $2,200.00 Nocturnal Primate Survey of Kakamega Forest, Kenya

Dr. Robert Wallace Wildlife Conservation Society     $3,550.00 Documenting the Distribution of the Titi Monkey Species, Callicbus modestus and Callicebus olallae

Spring 2005

Andrea Baden                       The Research Foundation of Stony Brook University       $2,750.00
Population Density and community structure of the black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) at Manegevo, Madagascar

Ramesh Boonratana                      IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group                      $880.00
Action plan for the Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey of North Vietnam

Le Xuan Canh                      Institute for Biological Resourses                      $5,000.00
Action plan for the Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey of North Vietnam

Wendy M. Erb                      The Research Foundation of SUNY Stony Brook University     $2,000.00
Intergroup aggression and long-distance communication in simakobu monkeys (Simias concolor) in Siberut Island, Indonesia

Dr. Peter Fashing                      Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium                      $2,004.00
Status and distribution of Geladas and patterns of human-Gelada conflict in Simen Mountains N.P., Ethiopia

Nicole Gross-Camp                      Antioch New England Graduate School                      $1,400.00
Primate seed dispersal in an afronmontane forest:  exploring contributions to tropical forest regeneration.

Mark E. Harrison                      University of Cambridge                      $2,200.00
Orangutan feeding behaviour in the Sebangau National Park, Indonesia:  Implications for conservation

Rebecca Lewis                      University of Texas at Austin                      $2,005.00
Exploration of the forest near Mitsinio, Madagascar as a possible location for long-term field study of Northwestern Propithecus

Laura K. Marsh                      Global Conservation Institute                      $1,864.00
Conservation of Pithecia: Placing a potentially new species within the paradigm.

Le Khac Quyet                      Flora and Fauna International                      $1,000.00
Renewal: Research for conservation of the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) in Du Gia Nature Reserve

Arpan Sharma                      Samrakshan Charitable Trust                      $2,933.00
Conserving through communities:  Designing community based conservation interventions for primate conservation in the Northeast Indian state of Mizoram

Shane R. Siers                      University of Missouri                      $1,920.00
Conservation Genetics and Habitat fragmentation:  Comparing gene flow estimates in arboreal and terrestrial lemurs

Tharcisse Ukizintambara                      Antioch New England Graduate School                      $3,100.00
Status of L'Hoest's Monkey in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda:  Habitat characteristics, edge effects and intra-specific behavioral ecology and conservation.

Robert Wallace                      Wildlife Conservation Society                      $2,000.00
Action Fund Grant: Documenting the Distribution of the Bolivian Endemic Titi Monkey Species

Dana Whitelaw                      The Regents of the University of Colorado                      $3,200.00
Behavioral Ecology of Ring-tailed lemurs in a Fragmented habitat of Southwestern Madagascar

Dr. Julie Wieczkowski                      University of West Georgia                      $3,000.00
An investigation of group fission and of dietary choice in the critically endangered Tana mangabey (Cercocebus galeritus)

Dr. Kimberly Williams-Guillen                      Paseo Pacifico                      $1,990.00
Survey an assessment of Primate populations in Chococente Wildlife Reserve, Nicaragua

Fall 2004

Jihosuo Biswas                 Primate Research Centre, North East, India         $2750.00
The Population Status of Bengal Slow Loris in the Protected Areas of Central Assam, India

Ms. Sarah Boyle             Arizona State University                     $1750.00
Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on the Bearded Saki Monkey in the Brazlian Amazon

Ms. Susan Cheyne         University of Cambridge                     $1050.00
Food Choice and Nutritional Composition of Gibbon Diets

Mr. Mario Di Bitetti      Universidad Nacional de Tucuman     $2000.00
Population Assesment and Comparative Study of Two Howler Monkey Species Living in Sympatry

Cyril Gruter                     University of Zurich                         $1500.00
Aspects of Behavioral Ecology and Conservation in Black and White Snub Nosed Monkeys at Baimaxueshan National Nature Reserve (China)

Gang Hu                         Australian National University         $3500.00
Ecology and Conservation of Francois Langur in Mayanghe Nature Reserve, Northeast Guizhou, China

Mr. Romanus Ikfuingei     Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology     $3000.00
The Chimpanzees of the Bamenda Highlands: Integrating Field and Genetic Census Techniques

International Primatological Society                             $3000.00
Directors Discretionary Grant: Grant for Precongress Conservation Training Session IPS 2004 Turin, Italy

Ms. Julia Lloyd                 Markerere University             $1010.00
Impacts of Tourism on the Behaviour, Activity Budgets, Range-Use and Conservation of Habituated Wild Chimpanzees in Kanyanchu, Kibale National Park, Uganda

Le Khac Quyet                 Fauna and Flora International         $1000.00
Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey continuation grant, North Vietnam

Ms. Carla Ruiz                 Regents of New Mexico State University         $2500.00
Tarsiers and Humans: Pets, Ecotourism and Conservation

Mr. Arif Setiawan             Research Division, Wildlife Laboratory             $1650.00
Distribution and Population Primate Species in South Slope Area of Mount Slamet Central Java

Mr. Pablo Stevenson         Universidad de los Andes                     $1800.00
Ecological patterns of a critically endangered primate species (Ateles hybridus) at the Magdalena Valley (El Paujil Biological Reserve, Serrania de Las Quinchas, Colombia)

Mr. Nelson Ting                 City University of New York                 $4000.00
Molecular Systematics of Red Colobus Monkeys

Robert Wallace                 Wildlife Conservation Society                 $1000.00
Action Fund Grant: Documenting the Distribution of the Bolivian Endemic Titi Monkey Species

Spring, 2004

Luisa Arnedo                      University of Wisconsin-Madison                      $750.00
Inter and Intra- group variation in the neigh vocalization of the northern muriqui (Brachyteles hypoxanthus).

Andrea L. Baden                      SUNY at Stony Brook                      $2,600.00
Survey of Proposed and New (Lepilemur) species in Ranomafana National Park, Southeastern Madagascar

Mark Bowler                      University of Kent                      $1,000.00
Ecology and Conservation of the Red Monkey in the Yarvari Valley of Peru

M. Thomas Butynski                      Conservation International Kenya                      $1,400.00
Directors discretionary Grant

Dr. David Chivers                      University of Cambridge                      $1,050.00
The Behavioral Ecology of Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) in a Disturbed Deep-peat Swamp Forest

Anja M. Deppe                      SUNY at Stony Brook                      What amount
Assessment of species diversity in Cheirogaleus and Microcebus in Ranomafana National Park and the adjacent corridor, southeastern Madagascar

Guritno Djanubudiman            YABSHI-Yayasan Bina Sains Hayati Indonesia          $1,900.00
Mapping the Javan Gibbin (Hylobates moloch) in its recent peripheral geographical distribution range for conservation priorities.

Hoang Minh Duc                      School of Natural and Rural Systems Management     $2,200.00
Habitat Distribution and Diet Preference of the Black-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nigripes) in Nui Chua National Park and Phuoc Binh nature Reserve, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Amy Pokempner                      The Wildlife Conservation Society                      $2,100.00
Snare removal in Kibale national Park

Dr. Jill Pruetz                      Iowa State University                      $1,500.00
Conflict Between Chimpanzees and Humans at Baniomba, Senegal.

Le Khac Quyet                      Fauna and Flora International                      $2,000.00
Research for conservation of the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) in Du Gia Nature Reserve

Emilienne Rasoazanabary                      University of Massachusetts                      $2,400.00
Responses to habitat structure and anthropogenic disturbance by mouse lemurs (Microcebus griseorufus and M. murinus) in Southwest Madagascar

Dr. Myron Shekelle                      University of Texas Austin                      $2,200.00
The search for (Tarsius pumilus)

Stacey Tecot                        $1,100.00
The influence of reproductive, habitat quality, and food decline on fecal cortisol profiles in red-bellied lemurs (Eulemur rubriventer) in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar and surrounding forest fragments.

Hai Dong Thanh                      The Australian National University                      $2,000.00
Behavioral Ecology and Conservation of Rhinopithecus (Presbytiscus) avunculus in Nahang Nature Reserve, northern Vietnam

Amanda Webber                      Oxford Brookes University                      $1,900.00
Primate crop raiding: predicting, understanding and mitigating the risk.

SPRING and FALL 2003

Renee Bauer                 University of Victoria             $1,000.00
Differences in fecal testosterone levels in wild adult female ringtailed in relation to rank, social dominance and aggressiveinteractions during the birth and lactation season in South western, Madagascar

Jihosuo Biswas             Primate Research Centre            $4,000.00
Survey and study the Primates of Lohit  district, Arunachal Pradesh, India with special reference to unknown/unidentified macaque species.

Dr. William V. Bleisch             Flauna and Flora International    $2,500.00
Conservation status survey and census for the Grey Snub-nosed Monkey(Rhinopithecus brelichi).

M. Thomas Butynski                       Conservation International Kenya         $1,400.00
Directors discretionary grant: Survey of Galagos in Coastal Kenya.

Dilip Chetry             Aardnyak Assam, India.            $1,700.00
Conservation of Golden langur through Education and Awareness of the fringe area community in Chakraashila Wild Life Sancturary, Assam, India.

Dr. Herbert H. Covert             University of Colorado, Boulder             $2,400.00
Survey of Hatinh and Red-shanked Douc Langurs in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Viet Nam.

Roberto A. Delagado                      Hunter College             $1,000.00
Long call duration as a means od determining local orangutan population density.

Anneke M. DeLuycker             Washington University             $2,900.00
Behavioral ecology of the yellow-tailed wooly monkey(Lagothrix flavicauda) in a tropical cloud forest in northern Peru.

Anthony Difore             New York University                        $750.00
Director's discretionary: Student scholarship for the 1st Latin Americsn Primate Conservation Biology Field Course and support for Srta. Ramirez from Columbia.

Diane Doran            SUNY Stony Brook                 $2,000.00
Action fund: The study of western lowland gorillas.

Liza Gadsby   Drill Ranch-Pandrillus          Calabar, Nigeria      $2,000.00
Action Grant:To help buy the Drill Ranch Compound in Calabar, Nigeria which provides conservation education and rescues endangered primates.

Edwin C. Egwali Center for Wetlands and Waste Management            $2,000.00
Ecological Status Survey and Conservation of a New Population of the Sclaater's Guenon(Cercopithecus sclateri) at Itu, Nigeria.

Carolyn L. Ehhardt             University of Georgia Research Foundation inc.             $2,500.00
Ecology and Demography of the Highly Endangered Sanje Mangabey(Cerocebus sanje) of the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania.

Muyambi Fortunate             Uganda       $2,000.00
Crop raiding: Primates-Human conflicts in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and its implications on conservation.

Suci Achmad Handayani             Inodensia       $2,800.00
Primary Survey of Nusakambangan Primates

Mitchell Irwin             SUNY Stony Brook                 $1,000.00
Renewal Grant:  The ecological and anthropogenic effects of forest fragmentation on the lemur community of Tsinjoarivo, Eastern Central Madagascar.

Steig Johnson               SUNY Stony Brook     $1,200.00
Surveys in the southern parcel of Ranomafana National Park for Hapalemur aureus and Hapalemur simus.

R. Krishnamani             India                $3,000.00
Status and distribution of the Semnopithecus spp. Of  primates in southern India:  Implications for conservation.

Heather Christine Leasor The Australian National University            $2,000.00
Effects of tourism/ecotourism on the Proboscis Monkey in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sancuary, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tran The Lien     Consevation Division of the Vietnamese Forest Protection Department             $1,250.00
Linking Scientific Research on Biodiversity with raising nature awareness at four communes of Bach Ma National Park: a rapid assessment.

Joshua Linder               The Graduate Center of CUNY            $2,000.00
Differential Vulnerability of Primates to Hunting and Correlates of  Extinction Risk:  Implications for Primate Conservation.

Katarzyna Nowak             University of Cambridge             $2,000.00
Bahavioral flexibility & reproductive output across floristic and disturbance gradients in an endangered primate.

Medina Carlos Palimino  Moyobamba, Peru              $500.00
Directors discretionary: Preperation and distribution of educational posters for the protection of the titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) in the Alto Mayo region.

Anderson Palmeira de Souza, , Monteiro da Cruz, Maria Adélia Oliveira              Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco – UFRPE $2,100.00
Conservation Biology on Behavior of Red-Handed Howler Monkey(Alouatta belzebul ululata) in the Southern Atlantic Forest of Pernambuco-Brazil.

Cornelia Paukert             Zoological Institute, University of Greifswald            $3,000.00
Ecology of the Delacour's Langur(Trachypithecus delacouri) - an endemic Vietnamese primate at risk.

Dr. Elizabeth Pimley             University of Cambridge             $1,000.00
rimate Survey of the Niger Delta.

Amy Porter             SUNY Stony Brook            $2,500.00
Investigation into new Primate species in Kalambatritra Reserve rain forest in south central Madagascar.

Livia Schaeffler             Duke University Primate Center            $1,000.00
Conservation Management and Lemur Diversity in Madagascar.

Dr. Myron Shekelle             Sulawesi, Indonesia            $2,200.00
The search for (Tarsius pumilus).

Togu Simorangkir             Oxford Brooks University, Dept. of Anthropology         $2,000.00
Estimation of orangutan population by nest count in Tanjung Putting National Park, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Angel Vats             The University of Toronto             $2,000.00
Forest edge effects on the biogeography of lemurs in the Garonina Research Site, Madagascar.

Liza Maria Veiga             Universidad Federal do Para(UFPA)                 $1,500.00
Ecology and Social Organistation of the Endangered Black Saki(Chiropotes satanas):  Potential for its long-term survival in the context of habitat fragmentation.

Charles Veitch             WCS Bolivia             $3,000.00
The distribution and abundance of the woolly monkey in the northern Bolivian montane forests.

Sally R. Walker            South Asian Primate Education Programme  India   $1,500.00
South Asian Primate Education Programme using 2002 CAMP Workshop Report Output NGO's and zoos as advocates for Primate Conservation Action.

Fall 2002

Summer Arrigo-Nelson $1,000.00
The Effect of Habitat Disturbance on the Behavior and Ecology of the Milne-Edwards' Sifaka(Propithecus diadema edwardsi)

Richard Bergl, and Dr. John Oates     City University of New York Graduate Center         $4,000.00
Cross River Gorilla Population and Habitat Viability Analysis

Jihosuo Biswas, and P.C. Bhattacharjee     Centre for Conservation Biology         $1,750.00
Population Status, Demography and Threats of Golden Langur(Trachypithecus geei) (Khajuria, 1956) in different forest of India and issues related to its Conservation.

Mark Bowler             University of Kent                             $3,000.00
Ecology and Conservation of the Red Monkey in the Yarvari Valley of Peru

Jayanta Das             Primate Research Centre, North East Centre     $1,000.00
Assesment of food plants diversity and lodging trees of Hoolock gibbon in Borajan Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India.

Nicole Gross-Camp         Antioch New England Graduate School             $1,000.00
Seed deposition patterns of the chimpanzee (Pan traglodytes) in an afromontane forest. Implications for the maintenance of tropical biodiversity.

Songtao Guo, , Baoguo Li, Yinhua Li, and Xiaoguang Qi         College of Life Sciences, Northwest University             $500.00
Habitat utilization of Sichuan Golden Monkey(Rhinopithecus roxellana) in the Qinling Mountains of China

Justin J.H. Hines             The Australian National University             $2,000.00
Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation (Ateles geoffroyi) in Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, Atlantida, Honduras

Lindsay Magnuson, and Marlin Gil         self 
Ecology and Conservation of the Roloway Monkey and other Primate Species in Ghana

Melissa Mark, and Charles Janson     The Research Foundation of SUNY         $1,000.00
Proposed Survey of the Andean titi monkey(Callicebus oenanthe) in the Rio Mayo valley, Peru.

Luis Arturo Escobedo Morales         Instituto de Ecologia, A.C.                 $1,000.00
Extinction risk estimates for mantled howler monkeys(Alouatta palliata mexicana) groups inhabiting forest fragments in Los Tuxlas, Veracruz, Mexico

Stephanie Spehar             New York University                             $1,000.00
The reproductive function of the long calls of white-bellied spider monkeys(Ateles belzebuth belzebuth) in northeastern Ecuador

Dr. Jo A. Myers Thompson             none                                     $4,000.00
Lukuru Wildlife Research Project Regional Effort

Danielle June Whittaker                 City University of New York Graduate Center     $3,000.00
Conservation Biology of Kloss's Gibbons(Hylobates klossii)

Spring 2002

Jermiah Adanu             NCF                                                 $3,500.00
Polyspecific Association and Eco-ethology of Cercopithecus nictitans in Gashaka Gumti Nationa Park, Nigeria

Pranjal Bezbarua         Grasshopper (a NGO of Assam)     $2,000.00
Habitat status of Golden langur: Presbytis geei(Khahuria) with special refernce to availability of specific food plants.

Hoang Minh Duc         Institute of Tropical Biology         $3,000.00
Preliminary study on present status and on the diet of the Black-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nigripes) in Nui Chua Nature Reserve, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Kaberi Kar Gupta, Leanne Nash     Arizona State University     $1,000.00
Ecology and Conservation of the slender loris (Loris tardigradus) in Kalakad - Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

Hendra Kurniawan, Aguna Sedayu and Muhammad Iqbal Setiadi Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Studies-University of Indonesia                     $3,000.00
Habitat and population of two Endemic primates (Presbytis siamensis natunae) and (Macaca fascicularis pumila) on Bunguran Besar the Natuna Islands, Riau

Suroso Mukti Leksono, Jarot Arisona and advisor Jatna Supriatna     Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Studies U of Indonesia                 $2,200.00
Population and habitat study of grizzled leaf monkey(Presbytis comata) in Bodogol Conservation Education Center, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java

Melissa Mark, Dr. Charles Janson     SUNY Stony Brook         $1,500.00
Behavior and hormone correlates of escape from breeding suppression Saguinus fuscicollis and Saguinus labiatus

Karenina Morales, Dr. Robert H. Horwich     Community Conservation, Inc.     $3,000.00
Preliminary Study of a Spider Monkey(Ateles geogffroyi) Population in Chaguantique and El Tercio, Dept. of Usulutan, El Salvador, Central America"

Melissa V. Moreano, Jaun Jose Bravo                                     $3,000.00
Ecology and Behavior of Satki Monkeys(Pithecia monachus) and Titi Monkeys(Callicebus cupreus) in Yasuni National Park, Eastern Ecuador

Toni Lyn Morelli, Dr. Patricia Wright                                     $2,000.00
The Use of MHC in Kin Recognition by the Milne-Edward's Sifaka(Propithecus diadema edwardsi)

Dave Morgan,     Crickette Sanz Nouable-Ndoki National Park, Wildlife Conservation Society         $1,500.00
Behavior and Ecology of Chimpanzees in a Central African Rainforest: Pan troglodytes troglodytes in the Goualougo Triangle, Republic of Congo

Pham Nhat, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai and Nguyen Huu Hien     $3,000.00
Ecology and behavior research for the conservation of the Hatinh langur in Phong Nha-Ke Bang area

Emilenne Rasoazanabary, Laurie R. Godfrey     University of Massachusetts     $3,500.00
Preliminary field survey of Microcebus murinus and Microcebus griseorufus at Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve Southwestern Madagascar

Ben Rawson, Susannah Johnson         The Australian National University             $3,000.00
A study of the ecology and behavior of the yellow cheeked gibbon(Nomascus gabriellae)

Saj, Dr Pascale                                     $1,000.00
Colobus vellerosus at Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary Ghana, West Africa

Michelle Sauther, David Steven Miller, and Jennifer Pastorini     The Regents of the University of Colorado                         $1,500.00
Biobehavioral Responses to Habitat Variation by Wild Lemur catta.

Mr. Juan Carlos Serio-Silva, and Dr. Victor Rico Gray     Instituto de Ecologia, A. C.             $1,000.00
Renewal Grant: The primates of the peninsula of Yucatan: current state and stategies for their conservation

Fall 2001 

Summer Arrigo-Nelson         SUNY at Stony Brook, Dept. of Anthropology     $1,000.00
The effect of habitat disturbance on the behavior and ecology of the Milne-Edward's Sifaka(Propithecus diadema edwardsi)

Adrian Barnett, Marise Pim Petean, Antenor Anicacio, and Rebecca Shapely     University of Surrey Roehampton             $1,000.00
Feeding ecology, seasonal habitat choice and conservation requirements of the golden-backed uacari or bico, Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary (Cebidae; Primates) in Jau National Park, Amazonia, Brazil.

Christine Ellis                     Jane Goodall Institute                         $500.00
Chimpanzee Conservation Poster to be produced by the Jane Goodall Institute Director's Discretionary Grant

Dr. Alejandro Estrada, David Munoz and Yasminda Garcia     Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico         $2,000.00
Population status and conservation of the black howler monkey(Alouatta pigra) at the Mayan site of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Nicole Gross-Camp             Antioch New England Graduate School     $3,000.00
Seed deposition patterns of the chimpanzee (Pan traglodytes) in an afromontane forest. Implications for the maintenance of tropical biodiversity.

Dr. Sharon Gursky             Texas A&M Research Foundation             $3,250.00
Population Density of the Javanese Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang)

Karline Janmaat                 University of St. Andrews(Scotland)         $1,000.00
Fruits of enlightenment. Food-localization skills in Wild Ranging Sooty Mangabeys

Andrea Kayser, and James J. Moses     none                                     $4,000.00
Gusanico Primate Survey

Joseph Kirathe, Maranga James Mugambi and Dr. Thomas Butynski     Zoo Atlanta             $2,000.00
Survey of the historic range of the Patas monkey(Erythrocebus patas) in southern and central Kenya

Ngo Van Tri             Institute of Tropical Biology                 $2,250.00
Status of Silvered Langur Trachypithecus cristatus in Kien Luong Proposed Nature Reserve and Phu Quoc National Park of Southern Vietnam

Sunita Ram             Fordham Univ                                         $1,000.00
Ecology behavior and demography of Trachypithecus johnii in different habitat tyoes in the Western Ghats of India

Dr Melissa Remis, and Jennifer Cooper     Purdue Univ     $2,000.00
Impacts of Human Activities on African Apes in the Dzanga-Sanga Dense Forest Reserve, CAR and Pilot research on Using Molecular Techniques to Improve Ape Surveys and Address Socio-ecological and Conservation Issues

Pablo R. Stevenson         SUNY Stony Brook                     $1,000.00
Renewal Grant: Frugivory and seed dispersal by wooly monkeys at Tinigua National Park, Colombia

Spring 2001

Sarah Gannon                     Duke                                                     $1,250.00
Assessment of ecological and social status of Saimiri oerstedi citrinellus in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica: applied conservation management.

Mitchell Irwin                     Suny                                                     $2,000.00
The ecological and anthropogenic effects of forest fragmentation on the lemur community of Tsinjoarivo, Eastern Central Madagascar

Amy Lu, Emily Weber        SUNY                                                 $1,500.00
Survey for the geographic range of Milne-Edward's Sifaka.

Lindsay Magnuson             Humboldt State Univ                         $2,500.00
Distribution and habitat use of the Roloway guenon (Cercopithecus diana roloway) in Ghana, West Africa

Mireya Major                     Suny                                                     $1,500.00
Behavioal ecology ad conservation genetics of diademed sifakas in Northern Madagascar

Mr. David Mbora                Miami University                                $1,000.00
Effects of forest quality and fragmentation on the Distribution, Abundance and Conservation of the Tana River Red Colobus Monkey, Procolobus badius ruformitratus, in Southeastern Kenya

Kelley McFarland                CUNY                                                 $2,000.00
Ecology and conservation of the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River State, Nigeria in the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River State, Nigeria

Claire McLardy, Simon Husson
Helen Morrogh-Bernard
Dr Jack Ripley                     Univ of Nottingham                             $1,000.00
Orangutan in tropical peatland research project

Anne Nekaris                         Southern Ill. Univ                             $1,250.00
Preliminary survey of the slender loris (loris tardigradus) in Sri Lanka

Fabrina Prado, Claudio Valladares Padua
Roberto Gomes Maia
Natanael de Graca
Alexandre T. Amaral             Instituto de Pesquisas Ecologicas     $1,000.00
Census of the black faced lion tamarin (Leontopithecus caissara) in Superaqui National Park Gueraquecaba Parana State, Brazil

Sunita Ram                             Fordham Univ                                     $2,500.00
Ecology behavior and demography of Trachypithecus johnii in different habitat tyoes in the Western Ghats of India

Vololonianiana R. Ravelomahaninjanahary, Mireya Major SUNY $1,000.00
Taxonomic revision of Lepilemur species throughout Eastern Madagascar

Tania Saj, Andrew Macintosh and Dr. Pascale Scoittee
Pascale Sicotte                     Univ of Calgary                                     $2,500.00
Colobus vellerosus at Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary Ghana, West Africa

Mr. Juan Carlos Serio-Silva, and Dr. Victor Rico Gray Instituto de Ecologia, A. C. $1,000.00
The primates of the peninsula of Yucatan: current state and stategies for their conservation

Urs Thalmann, Nicole Andriaholinirina
Yves Rumpler
R. D. Martin
Clement Rabarivola             University of Zurich                             $1,000.00
New lemurs in Western Madagascar: Avahi sp. Lepilemur sp and Hapalemur griseus ssp

Fall 2000     

Richard Bergl                               $4,000.00
Molecular phylogenetics of the Cross River gorilla and its relevance for taxonomy and conservation

Jihosuo Biswas        Bio Resiource Study Centre, N. E. India        $2,500.00
Effects of Habitat condition (disturbed and undisturbed) on the Activity pattern, feeding ecology and ranging behavior of the Golden Langur ( Trachypithecus geei) a comparative account.

Dr Tom Butynski,               Esteban Sarmiento Zoo Atlanta           $2,000.00
Survey of the Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other vertebrates of the Bondo and Bili region, democratic republic of Congo

Dilip Chetry                         Dept of Zoology Gauhati Univ            $2,500.00
Socioecology of Golden langur (Trachypithecus geei) in different habitat of Western Assam, India

Colleen Ingram, Dr. Rodney Honeycutt     Texas A&M University    $2,500.00
Conservation Genetics of Recently Fragmented Populations of Two Malagasy Primates, Propithecus diadema and Propithecus tattersali

Barney Long                        Fauna and Flora Society                     $3,500.00
Community-based conservation of the Tonkin Snub Nosed monkey in North Vietnam

Mireya Major                      SUNY Stony Brook                            $2,500.00
Cytogenetic Study and Taxonomic Review of Propithecus diadema subspecies in Madagascar

Bettina Martin                     Tonkin Snub Nosed Project                $2,500.00
Conservation Awareness campaign to protect the Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey in the Na Hang Nature Reserve, Vietnam

Dana Whitelaw                    University of Colorado                       $600.00
Proposal to Survey Habitat Traits and Population density Parameters of the Ringtailed Lemur in Southern Madagascar 

Spring 2000 

Mathew A. Banks, and Dr. Kenneth Glander       Duke University    $2,500.00
Lemur fauna of littoral forest, Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) Region, Southeastern Madagascar. 

Mr. Adrian Barnett, Sergio Borges, Alexia Celeste de Cunha, Rebecca Shapley,     University of Surrey Roehampton   $2,000.00
Uacari Conservation Project, Jau River, Brazil 2000

Kimberly G. Duffy, and Dr. Joan Silk        $2,000.00
The effects of logging on the behavioral ecology of chimpanzees and social dynamics of male chimpanzees and the significance of male bonding.

Mitchell Irwin        SUNY Stony Brook        $2,000.00
Survey of the Lemur Community of Kalambatritra Special Reserve

Kunga Nicholas Ngece, Dr. Lynn Isbell, and Dr. Tom Butynski      $2,500.00
East African subspecies of Patas monkeys - status in Kenya is unknown and unprotected.

Mr. Ernest Nwufoh                        $1,000.00
Gorilla Survey, Boshi subpopulation, Nigeria

Andrew Perkin                               $2,000.00
A field study on the conservation status and species diversity of galagos in Tanzania

Pablo R. Stevenson                       $1,000.00
Frugivory and seed dispersal by wooly monkeys at Tinigua National Park, Colombia

Emma J. Stokes                             $1,000.00
Mbeli Bai study - a long-term study of the social behavior of western lowland gorillas at Mbeli Bai, Northern Congo Funds returned project fully funded by others

December 1999

Mr. Zhaoyuan Li         The University of Edinburgh     $2,000.00
Study on behavioral ecology of Francois' langur Presbytis francoisi in Guangxi, China

Milene Martins and Mr. Paulo Noguera-Neto, Dr. Stephen F. Ferrari, and Cibele Biondo         University of Sao Paulo          $2,000.00
Primate Community Structure in a semideciduous forest fragment in southeastern Brazil

Mr. Scott McGraw               OSU                 $2,000.00
Survey of Ivory Coast's Ehi Lagune Forest

Mr. John F. Oates        Hunter College of CUNY         $2,075.00
Boundary demarcation for a Nigerian gorilla reserve

Dr. Jill D. Pruetz and William C. McGrew        Miami University, Oxford, OH      $2,500.00
Savanna chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes versus) density and distribution at Mont Assirik, Senegal

Mr. Van Ngoc Thinh      Bach Ma National Park         $1,000.00
Study on the distribution status of the Southern White Cheeked Gibbon (Hylobates Leucogenys Siki) in Bach Ma National Park and suggestions for potential protection methods.

Dr. Elizabeth Yaap and Cheryl D. Knott       Harvard University      $2,000.00
Orangutan Conservation Education in Gunung Palung National Park

May 1999

Alex Dehgan and Dr. Bruce Patterson     Univ of Chicago $1,000.00
Ranomafana Fragments Project

Agustin Fuentes and Dewa Ketut Harya Putra, and Komang Gde Suaryana of
Universitas Udayana Primate Research Center     UNUD-PRC        $1,500.00
Demography, status and sustainablity of the Balinese Primates: a two year assessment

Ms. Amy Hanson  SUNY Stony Brook        $1,000.00
The feeding ecology of Goeldi's monkeys (Callimico goeldii) in the Departamento de Pardo, Bolivia with particular reference to mycophagy

Mitchell Irwin and Tanya Smith  SUNY Stony Brook        $2,600.00
A survey of Lemur Communities in corridor forests between Ranomafana Nat
Park and the Mangoro River: Assessments of Density and distribution

Dr. Bettina Martin      Allwetterzoo    $2,650.00
Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey project

Mireya Mayor and Dr. Shawn Lehman       SUNY Stony Brook        $4,000.00
Distribution and behavioral ecology of the silky sifaka (Propithecus diadema candidus) in Marojejy Special Reserve, Madagascar

Mr. Ernest Nwufoh               $2,000.00
Gorilla Survey, Boshi subpopulation, Nigeria

Lisa Paciulli   SUNY Stony Brook        $1,000.00
Mentawi Islands Conservation project renewal grant for long term research

Andrew Perkin          Nocturnal Primate Research group Oxford Brookes University      $3,500.00
A field Study on the conservation status and species diversity of galagos in Tanzania

Jonah Ratzimbazafy and Dr. Patrica Wright        SUNY Stony Brook      $1,000.00
Response of Black and White Ruffed lemurs (Varecia varigata varigata) to habitat Disturbance and Fragmentation in Manobo Special Reserve, Madagascar

Kristin Siex and Dr. Theresa Pope, and Dr. Tom Struhsaker        Duke University      $2,500.00
The effects of population density on aggression, demographic trends and
habitat quality in the Zanzibar red colobus

Ms. Chia Tan and Dr. Patrica Wright     SUNY Stony Brook        $1,000.00
Survey of Two Critically Endangered Bamboo Lemur Species (Hapalemur simus and H. aureus) in Southeastern Madagascar

Ms. Julie Wieczkowski and Dr. Carolyn Ehardt     University of Georgia $1,000.00
Ecological parameters of population density and behavioral flexibility in the Tana River crested mangabey (Cercocebus galeritus galeritus)

Ms. Kimberly Williams-Guillen and Dr. Colleen McCann      NYU   $1,000.00
The behavioral Ecology of Howling Monkeys (Alouatta palliata) living in Nicaraguan coffee plantations

December 1998

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Chalise        Kathmandu University    $1,800.00
Conservation of Macaca assamensis (Assamese monkey) in Makalu-Barun
Conservation Area, Nepal

Dr. Sharon Gursky       Queens College  $2,500.00
The effect of habitat degradation on the spectral tarsier

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara- KONUS: Made Wedana Adi Putra, Asep
Rahmat Purnama, Whisnu Sukmatoro, and Yan Sofyan                $2,000.00
The distribution status and population estimate of Javan grizzled leaf monkey in Java

Dr. Jin-Hua Li and and Dr. Carol M. Berman      Anhui University      $1,000.00
The impact of human mangement on Tibetan macaques (Macaca thibetana) in
Anhui Province, China:  a preliminary investigation

Ms Kelley McFarland     Hunter College of CUNY  $1,000.00
Ecology and Conservation of an isolated population of gorillas in Nigeria

Mr. William Olupot and Peter Waser      Purdue University       $500.00
Dispersal patterns and population trends in grey-cheeked mangabeys

Ms. Beatriz Perez-Sweeney and Dr. Don J. Melnick, and Claudio
Valladares-Padua        Columbia University     $1,200.00
Avoiding species extinction:  the contribution of genetics to the metapopulation management of a highly endangered species

Dr. Hugh Possingham Dr. Irene Neri-Arboleda, and Dr. Philip Stott     
University of Adelaide  $1,300.00
Terminal Range and Habitat Association of the Philipine Tarsier Tarsius Syrichta in Corella Bohol

Mr. Juan Carlos Serio-Silva and and Dr. Victor Rico Gray        Instituto de Ecologia, A. C.      $2,000.00
The primates of the peninsula of Yucatan:  current state and stategies for their conservation

Ms. Natasha Shah and Renewal Grant      State University of New York, Stony Brook   $1,000.00
A survey of anthropoid primates and study of the behavioral ecology of two mangabey species at the Mondika Research Center, Central African Republic

Ms. Martina Vogt        University of Turbingen $1,200.00
Behavioral ecology of the black leaf monkey Trachypithecus auratus kohlbruggei, a field study in the West Bali National Park, Indonesia


Erin L. Bohensky, Dr. Dean Urbun     Duke University      $1,000.00
Habitat patterns of the Zanzibar red colobus monkey and impacts on tourism in Jozani forest Reserve, Zanzibar
Zanaibar     Africa     Spring 1998

Dr. Bettina Grieser-    Johns EU Project      $1,750.00
A Survey programme to establish conservation and management priorites for the primates of the Pu Mat Nature Reserve, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
Pu Mat Nature Reserve, Nghe An Province, Vietnam     Asia      Spring 1998

Dr Robert Horwich, Rajen Islari     Community Conservation Consultants     $3,500.00
Establishing a Protection Program for the Golden Langur (Trachypithecus geei) in Assam, India
Assam, India     Asia     Spring 1998

Dr. Craig Kirkpatrick, S. Y. Zang, and Dr. William Bleisch      San Diego Zoological Society     $2,500.00
Development of an IUCN/SSC Action Plan for the genus Rhinopithecus
China     Asia     Spring 1998

Baoguo Li, Yanfang Gao, Baoping Ren, and Xingzhong Yang      Northwest University     $3,000.00
On the Habitat Change and Conservation Strategy of Sichuan snub-nosed monkey in Qinling Mountains, China
Qinling Mountains, China Asia Spring 1998

Ms. Kelley McFarland     Hunter College of CUNY      $1,000.00
Ecology and Conservation of an isolated population of gorillas in Nigeria
Nigeria     Africa     Spring 1998

Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Dr. Patrica Wright     SUNY USB      $1,000.00
Effects of Forest Composition, Disturbance and Fragmentation on the Social Behavior and Feeding Ecology of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia variegata variegata) at Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar
Manobo Special Reserve, Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1998

Dr. Melissa Remis     Purdue Unviersity      $1,000.00
A pilot study on the effects of Disturbance on Primate Communities and Socio Ecology at the Dzanga-Sanga Dense Forest Reserve, Central African Republic
Dzanga-Sanga Dense Forest Reserve, Central African Republic      Africa     Spring 1998

Chia Tan, Dr. Patrica Wright     SUNY USB      $2,000.00
Survey of Two Critically Endangered Bamboo Lemur Species (Hapalemur simus and H. aureus) in Southeastern Madagascar
Southeastern Madagascar     Africa     Spring 1998

Mireya West, Shawn Lehman      SUNY USB     $3,500.00
Distribution and Behavioral Ecology of Perrier's Sifaka (Propithecus diadema perrieri) in Analamera Special Reserve, Madagascar
Analamera Special Reserve, Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1998


Kimberley Biela     Washington University      $900.00
Social Structure and Feeding Ecology of Lydekker's Slender Loris (Loris tardigradus lydekkerianus) in South India
South India     Asia     Spring 1997

Ben Freed,     Carnivore Preservation Trust BPKP/Washington University     $3,500.00
A Pilot Study of Slow Loris Behavior in Laos
Laos     Asia     Spring 1997

Kaberi Kar Gupta     Arizona State University      $2,000.00
Ecology and conservation of Slender Loris Kalakkad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
Kalakkad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve     Asia      Spring 1997

Dr. Sharon Gursky     Queens College      $3,000.00
The Population Density of Dian's Tarsier, Tarsius Dianae in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Sulawesi, Indonesiaas     Asia     Spring 1997

Stieg Johnson     University of Texas, Austin      $3,000.00
A Cenus of Border Zones of Eulemur fulvus albocollaris in Southeaster Madagascar
in Southeaster Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1997

Kim McConkey     Cambridge University, England      $900.00
Gibbons as seed dispersers and the implications for regeneration of selectively logged forests in Central Kalimanta, Indonesia
Borneo, Indonesia     Asia     Spring 1997

Dr. Pham Nhat     Forestry College, Ha Tay, Vietnam      $3,000.00
Field Survey for White cheeked Gibbon in North Central Vietnam
North Central Vietnam     Asia     Spring 1997

Lisa Paciulli     Suny Stony Brook      $1,000.00
Mentawi Islands Conservation project renewal grant for long term research
Mentawi Islands     Asia     Spring 1997

Liela M. Porter     SUNY Stony Brook      $2,000.00
A Comparative Study of the behavior and Ecology of Callimico goeldii and Saguinus fuscollis
Boliva     Central & South America      Spring 1997

Jonah Ratsimbazafy     SUNY Stony Brook      $500.00
Effects of Forest Disturbance and Habitat Fragmentation on the Group Composition and Behavioral Ecology of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia variegata variegata) at Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar
at Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1997

Dr. Melissa Remis     Purdue University      $2,000.00
Demographic Structure of Western Lowland Gorilla Groups in Park and Reserve Areas of the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, Central African Republic
Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, Central African Republic     Africa      Spring 1997

Ms. Paula Kahumbu Wakuluzu,     Friends of Colobus Trust      $4,000.00
Conservation of the Angolan colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis ssp palliiatus) in Southen Kenya
southern Kenya     Africa     Fall 1997

Mr. Praveen K. Karanth     State University of NY, Albany      $3,000.00
Molecular phylogeny of the leaf eating monkeys of the Indian subcontinent
India     Asia     Fall 1997

Dr. Oswald Schmitz, Anne Axel and Rebecca Young     Yale University     $3,000.00
Applying GIS and satellite remote sensing to endangered species conservation: a study of the distribution and habitat status of Indri indri in Madagascar
Madagascar     Africa     Fall 1997

Ms. Julie Wieczkowski, Dr. Carolyn Ehardt     University of Georgia     $1,500.00
Ecological parameters of population density and behavioral flexibility in the Tana River crested mangabey (Cercocebus galeritus galeritus)
Tana River, southeastern Kenya     Africa      Fall 1997


Ms. Wendy Birky, Dr. H. Dieter Steklis     Rutgers University     $350.00
Mating Strategies and Social organization in the Formosan Macaque
Kenting National Park, Taiwan     Asia      Spring 1996

Mr. Daoying Lan     University of Liverpool      $3,000.00
Ecology and conservation of Hylobates concolor in Yunnan, P. R. China
Wuliang Mts. and Ailao Mts. Central Yunnan, PRC     Asia      Spring 1996

Ms. Kelley McFarland     Hunter College of CUNY      $2,000.00
Ecology and Conservation of an isolated population of gorillas in Nigeria
Nigeria     Africa     Spring 1996

Dr. Scott McGraw, Bryan Dickinson and Michael Abedi-Lartey      $2,800.00
Survey of Endangered Primates in Eastern Cote d'Ivoire     The Ghana Association for the Conservation of Nature
Cote d'Ivoire     Africa     Spring 1996

Ms. Leila Porter, Dr. Patricia Wright     State University of New York, Stony Brook     $1,200.00
A survey of Goeldi's Monkey (Callimico goeldii) in Northern Bolivia
Northern Bolivia     Central & South America      Spring 1996

Mr. Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Dr. Patricia Wright     State University of New York, Stony Brook     $2,000.00
Conservation of the black-and-white ruffed lemur, Varecia variegata, in Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1996

Ms. Kirstin Siex     Duke University      $2,250.00
The effect of population density on agression, demographic trends and habitat quality on the Zanzibar red colobus
Zanzibar     Africa     Spring 1996

Ms. Rebecca Stumpf, Brenda Bradley     State University of New York, Stony Brook     $2,500.00
A behavioral, demographic, and Morphologival study of Eulemur Fulvus albocollaris in Vevembe Forest, Madagascar
Vemvembe Forest, Madagascar     Africa     Spring 1996

Ms. Karen Weisenseel     Arizona State University      $2,000.00
A census of the nocturnal aprimates of the Kibale Forest, Uganda: The effects of selective logging on prosimian densities
Kibale Forest, Uganda     Africa     Spring 1996

Michael Abedi-Lartey     Ghana Wildlife Department      $750.00
Survey of Endangered Forest Primates in Southwest Ghana
southwestern Ghana     Africa     Fall 1996

Mr. Owen Burnham     Oxford Brookes University      $2,500.00
The conservation status of nocturnal primates in Senegal
Senegal, west Africa     Africa     Fall 1996

Dr. Michele Goldsmith, Dr. Craig B. Stanford     Dartmouth College     $2,000.00
Behavioral ecology and conservation of sympatric gorillas and chimpanzees in the Bwindi-Inpenetrable National Park, Uganda
Uganda     Africa     Fall 1996

Ms. Katy Gonder     Hunter College CUNY      $2,500.00
Phylogeny and biogeography of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in Nigeria and Cameroon
Cameroon Highlands, Nigeria and Sanga River, Cameroon     Africa      Fall 1996

Ms. Louise Martin     SUNY Stony Brook      $3,000.00
An inventory of Siamangs in Sumatra, Indonesia
3 Areas In Sumatra     Asia     Fall 1996

Dr. F. D. C. Mendes, P. C. Larazim, and Dr. Karen Strier      Universidade de Sao Paulo     $1,500.00
Social behavior in the southern muriqui (Brachteles arachnoides): a comparative study
Carlos Botelho State Park     Central & South America      Fall 1996

Ms. Natasha F. Shah     SUNY Stony Brook      $4,350.00
A survey of anthropoid primates and study of the behavioral ecology of two mangabey species at the Mondika Research Center, Central African Republic
Central African Republic     Africa     Fall 1996


Deborah Curtis     University Zurich-Irchel      $500.00
Behavioural ecology of the mongoose lemur (Eulemur mongoz)
North-west Madagascar     Africa     Spring 1995

Kellen A. Gilbert     Southeastern Louisana University      $800.00
Primate Diversity and Density in Forest Fragments and Continuous Forest in Central Amazonia
Central Amazonia, Brazil     Central & South America      Spring 1995

Mr. Steig Johnson, Deborah Overdorff     University of Texas as Austin     $3,500.00
A Survey of Brown Lenur Populations in Southeastern Madagascar
Southeastern Madagascar     Africa     Spring 1995

Dr. Pham Nhat     Forestry College      $2,000.00
Conservation of Endangered Primates in Minh Hoa District Quang Binh Province, Viet Nam
Minh Hoa district of Quang Binh province Viet Nam     Asia      Spring 1995

Ms. Michele A. Rassmussen, Ken Glander    Duke University      $1,250.00
The Status of Four Lemurid Primates at Ankarafantsika, Madagascar: Identification of Immediate Threats ans Potential Conflict in Future Conservation Efforts
Ankarafantsika, Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1995

Ms. Nancy Ruggeri, Walter Leutenegger     University of Wisconsin - Madison     $3,300.00
Field Survey of Hylobates concolor siki in Central Laos
Central Laos     Asia     Spring 1995

Dr. Lori Sheeran, Professor Zhang Yongzu    California State at Fullerton     $3,500.00
Conservation Plan for Hylobates concolor jingdongensis at Xiaobahe, Wuliang Reserve, Yunnan, PRC
Xiaobahe, Wuliang Reserve, Yunnan Province, Peoples Republic of China      Asia     Spring 1995

Ms. Chia L. Tan     SUNY at Stony Brook      $1,000.00
Activity Pattern, Feeding, Foraging, and Ranging Behaviors of Three Sympatric Species of Hapalemur in Madagascar Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar      Africa     Spring 1995

Mr. J. Lodewyk R. Werre     Hunter College, CUNY      $3,750.00
Ecology and Conservation of the Niger Delta Red Colobus
Niger Delta, Nigeria     Africa     Spring 1995

Dr. George H. Whitesides     Hunter College, CUNY      $2,000.00
Survey of Endangered Primates in Ghana
Ghana, West Africa     Africa     Spring 1995

Dr. Marian Dagosto, Dr. Daniel L. Gebo,     Northern Illinois Univ./Northwestern Univ.     $1,000.00
Behavior and Ecology of the Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta)
The Island of Leyte at Mt. Pangasugan, Philippines     Asia      Fall 1995

Dr. Agustin Fuentes, Mr. Elsworth Ray     University of California, Berkeley     $1,500.00
Census of Mentawai Primates in the Pagai Islands, Mentawai, Indonesia
Pagai Islands, Mentawai, Indonesia     Asia      Fall 1995

Mr. Zhaoyuan Li     Mahidol University, Thailand and Guangxi Academy of Sciences     $4,000.00
Study of Conservation Biology on the White-headed Langur,Presbytis leucocephalus in China
Southwest Guangxi, China     Asia     Fall 1995

Ms. Zena Tooze     CERCOPAN      $4,500.00
Survey and Preliminary census of Sclater's guenon (Cercopithecus sclateri) in Southeast Nigeria, with recommendations for conservation initiatives
Akwa Ibom, Abia, and River State in Nigeria     Africa      Fall 1995


Elizabeth Balko, Dr. William Shields     SUNY at Syracuse      $2,000.00
The Effects of Forest Composition and Habitat Disturbance on the Ranging Pattern and Social Organization of Varecia variegata variegata.
Madagascar     Africa     Spring 1994

William Bleisch, Professor Liren Lu Kunming     Institute of Zoology, China     $2,500.00
Conservation Research on the Black Leaf Monkey Trachypithecus francoisi in China, including the Critically Endangered White-headed Black Leaf Monkey T. f. leucocephus
China     Asia Spring     1994

Joseph Erwin, J. Supriatna, N. Babo, and A. Bakry
Conservation Information Center for Sulawesi, Indonesia     $2,500.00
Population Studies of Primates and of a Conservation Information Center for Sulawesi, Indonesia
Sulawesi, Indonesia     Asia     Spring 1994

Jayne Gerson     Duke University      $5,000.00
Survey of Habitat Use and Distribution of Sclater's lemur Eulemur macaco flavifrons in Northwestern Madagascar. Madagascar     Africa      Spring 1994

R. Krishnamani     Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History     $1,000.00
The Ecology of Seed Dispersal in the Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) in South India.
India     Asia     Spring 1994

David Watts     Yale University      $750.00
Chimpanzee Behavioral Ecology and Social Dynamics at Ngogo, Kibale Forest, Uganda.
Uganda     Africa     Spring 1994

Le Xuan Canh     Department of Zoology NCST of Vietnam      $3,000.00
Conservation of Tropical Ecosystems in Viet Nam: The Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey Rhinopithecus avunculus in Na Hang Forest
Vietnam     Asia     Fall 1994

Larry Dew     University of California Davis      $1,000.00
Ateline Primates as Seed Dispersers: An Ecological Comparison of Sympatric Amazonian Frugivores Ateles belzebuth and Lagothrix lagothricha
Ecuador     Central & South America      Fall 1994

Lois Lippold     San Diego State University      $1,000.00
The Distribution and Status of Douc Langurs in Vietnam
Vietnam     Asia     Fall 1994

Reiko Matsuda     Hunter College of the City University of New York     $3,500.00
Ecology of African Guenons in a Threatened West African Forest
Benin     Africa     Fall 1994

Claudia Olejniczak     Washington University      $1,000.00
The Social System of Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) at Mbeli Bai, Northern Congo
Congo     Africa     Fall 1994

Lisa Paciulli     SUNY Stony Brook      $4,000.00
A census of the Endangered Simakobu monkey (Simias concolor) inhabiting the Mentawai Islands
Mentawi Islands, Indonesia     Asia     Fall 1994

Lori Sheeran     California State at Fullerton      $3000.00
Conservation Plan for Hylobates concolor jingdongensis at Xiaobahe, Wuliang Reserve, Yunnan, PRC
China     Asia     Fall 1994

Christine Spoegler, Leila Porter, Kelly McNeese    SUNY at Stony Brook     $2,000.00
Status of Endangered Lemurs in Rainforest Corridors in Southeastern Madagascar
Madagascar     Africa     Fall 1994

Joanne Thompson     Oxford University, Oxford, UK      $1,500.00
Ecological Study of Bonobos (Pan Paniscus) in a Forest-Savanna Habitat
Zaire     Africa     Fall 1994


Dr. Lois Lippold    San Diego State University     $2,000.00
Survey for Douc Langurs in Viet Nam June and July 1993
Vietnam    Asia    Spring 1993

Ardith Eudey    IUCN/SSP Primate Specialist Group      $2,500.00
Conservation Action for Asian Primates PCI funding specifically for review and revision of the Asian Primate Action Plan.
Asia     Fall     1993

Ms. Elizabeth Fox     Duke University      $2,100.00
Determining Age/Sex Composition of Orangutan Populations using Line Transect Nest Census Techniques. Sumatra, Indonesia     Asia Fall      1993

Sharon Gursky     SUNY at Stony Brook      $3,100.00
Infant Care in the Spectral Tarsier and PCI provided five (5) used, usable mistnets.
Sulawesi, Indonesia     Asia Fall     1993

Dr. David Meyers     Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments     $5,000.00
Distribution Survey for Highly Endangered Malagasy Lemurs
Madagascar     Africa     Fall 1993

Natasha Shah, Kimberly Duffy SUNY at Stony Brook $3,300.00
A Study of Manombo Reserve and the Vondrozo Forest Area
Madagascar     Africa     Fall 1993

Mr. Myron Shekelle     Washington University      $1,000.00
Primary Taxonomy and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Tarsiers of Sulawesi
Sulawesi, Indonesia     Asia     Fall 1993

Natalia Vassey     Washington University      $2,000.00
Community Ecology and Positional Behavior of Masoala Peninsula Lemurs
Madagascar     Africa     Fall 1993


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